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Get Software to Your Apple II simply using Java and a Cable!

Apple //c Cable Connection Photo from Brendan Robert's "Apple Game Server"Apple //c Cable Connection Photo from Brendan Robert's "Apple Game Server"Anyone who has read my past writings knows that I'm a big collector and a huge fan of playing original games (or code) on original hardware. There are countless solutions for various computer and videogame systems for doing this, and one of the systems that has become particularly robust in its offering of late is the Apple II-series of computers. Between compact flash adpaters, disk drive adapters and countless other often manual and complicated transfer methods, it looks like Brendan Robert has created one of the easiest and cheapest systems to date. While I highly recommend both the Apple II compact flash adapter ( and the SVD ( - which is particularly good for multi-system collectors), Brendan's solution seems particularly elegant, though I have yet to try it for myself.

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"BOMB" the ZX81/Sinclair/Timex Computers

Alien Mind for the ZX81/Sinclair/Timex Computers (16K)Alien Mind for the ZX81/Sinclair/Timex Computers (16K)French programmer ANDRE is at it again, creating yet more games for the quaint ZX81/Sinclair/Timex systems, which had 1KB, 2KB and 16KB configurations, limited black and white graphics, and no sound.

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Why the Wii won't be another GameCube

Wii: This ain't no GameCube.Wii: This ain't no GameCube.Well, things are certainly starting to look bright for Nintendo's Wii. GameDaily Biz is reporting that Nintendo's recently promoted president, Reggie Fils-Aime, is promising that Nintendo has learned from its mistakes with the GameCube and will be pursuing a much different strategy for the Wii. Primarily, that means establishing better relations with developers: "We have been sharing information and development tools with publishers since very early on in the process." Seems like a smart move to me, but I'm not sure that bad developer relations was the primary cause of GameCube's disappointing sales. What do you think?

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Get The Wizard on DVD!

PowerGlove: I love the PowerGlove. It's so bad.PowerGlove: I love the PowerGlove. It's so bad.Here's the DVD release you've all been waiting for--The Wizard, that classic Nintendo-propaganda film starring Fred Savage is on its way. Kotaku has the infamous PowerGlove scene from the film playing on its website. It's sure to make you chuckle (I'm giving it the official "don't view while drinking a Coke" warning). All right, so I have to know. Who is going to be buying this DVD? Sadly, I must admit that I've never actually seen this film in its entirety.

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Hookers in my Table Tennis Game?

Frankly, when this was first announced, I thought it was a hoax, though a hoax directly from Rockstar. After all, a table tennis game from the creators of "Grand Theft Auto" and "State of Emergency"? Rockstar's Table Tennis for the Xbox 360: Yes, it really does look that good.  Imagine these games in a few years when developers really get a handle on next generation hardware...Rockstar's Table Tennis for the Xbox 360: Yes, it really does look that good. Imagine these games in a few years when developers really get a handle on next generation hardware...Sure enough, it turned out to be true and is actually looking very interesting. Rockstar's basic premise was to make the best possible playing game and put all their effort into great character models and animation. Essentially, take a simple game, make it a pleasure to control, and as beautiful as possible. Sounds good to me and something of a nod to earlier days of development. Hopefully such a high profile developer like Rockstar doing this and - fingers crossed - has a big success with this, will start to inspire other developers and publishers to take a chance. After all, this is the first stand alone table tennis game in ages and the basic design principle is a very positive one.

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Tron + Atari Flashback 2 = Tron 2600

Encom Case Mod: Russ Caslis's Tron 2600 Atari Flashback 2 case mod.Encom Case Mod: Russ Caslis's Tron 2600 Atari Flashback 2 case mod.If you love classic Atari and Tron, then I have a nice treat for you today. A few weeks ago I was contacted by Russ Caslis, a PC case modder, about his latest project: Tron 2600, a special case modification for the Atari Flashback 2. The finished box looks like the "Encom Corporate Case" from the movie Tron. Caslin really had some fun with this project and has put together a very nice website with illustrations--I suggest you check it out.

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DS vs. PSP: Look it up, folks...

Nintendo DS: Don't buy this.Nintendo DS: Don't buy this.I just saw something pretty funny over at Kotaku: The DS Sucks Folks, Look it up! I haven't seen this guy before, but apparently he's Jonathan Harchick, and he's been doing his Talking With Jon show since 2002. It's a pretty terrible show, yet at the same time, there's something oddly compelling about it. At any rate, it's worth a few chuckles, and will probably remind you all-too-well of some dork down the street who thinks he knows gaming.

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Welcome to the start of the new Armchair Arcade!

Since the beta test was going so well, we decided to switch everyone over to the new Website early. While we still have lots of work to do, we wanted to get everyone over and discussing things as soon as possible. While we have forums on this new platform, we really think a better way is discussing things directly with the "blog" entries, so give it a try. We'll be tweaking things as time goes on and look forward to creating new articles and print issues very soon. Welcome!

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Nintendo: Sony, Quit Coppin' Our Style!!

PS3 Motion Sensor: Sony's Sensing GamePadPS3 Motion Sensor: Sony's Sensing GamePadIf there's one thing that's gotten a lot of chatter on the net about the Wii (well, besides the name), it's that unique and very promising controller. Sony was obviously listening to the excitement and announced a motion-sensing feature in its new PS3 controller. David Yarnton of Nintendo UK isn't happy about Sony's plans to release a new "motion-sensing controller." To wit: "I don't know what [Sony's] decision making process is but I think if you look back, any innovation that has come in gameplay has come from us." Ouch! Perhaps Nintendo should announce some totally bogus new gameplay innovation, such as cold fusion, and see what happens at Sony...

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Console-Style Packaging for PC Games

New PC Package: IEMA's new look for PC game packaging.New PC Package: IEMA's new look for PC game packaging. Console gamers have seemingly always had it easy when shopping for games: The games for each console tend to come in very uniform, easily-identifiable boxes. PC gamers have seldom had such uniformity. Of course, here at AA, we consider the packages game come in a subject of no small significance. Nowadays, of course, most games come with little more than a small cardboard box and a CD-liner (most of us here can remember the shift from shelf-hogging large boxes to much smaller boxes just a few years ago). Well, now an organization called IEMA is trying to further standardize PC game boxes so that they can be identified as easily as games for consoles. You can read all about the new packaging in this PDF.

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