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Videotopia and Videogame Addiction

Wow! Looks like we hit the motherload today with tons of fresh content that's eminently worthwile. It all starts with Coin-Op TV's interview with Jeff Anderson, curator of the fabulous Videotopia traveling museum exhibit dedicated to videogames. Jeff's an awesome dude! I know you'll be surprised to discover the exhibit's most popular vintage game (hint, it's not Pacman or Pong!). Also on the queue is this absolutely hilarious "vintage" SNL skit about videogame addiction I found on Kotaku this morning (see YouTube clip beneath the fold!). I almost fell out of my chair laughing! Oh, and don't forget to peek at the new Bomberman.

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Lego my SNEX!

The SNEX: If you get SNEX, you can forget about SEX.The SNEX: If you get SNEX, you can forget about SEX.For God's sake, why? Why smush an Xbox and SNES together in a case made out of Lego blocks and post a dozen pictures of the process on the net? Sadly, some part of me--albeit some deep, dark part that also finds microwave hot and spicy BBQ pork rinds fascinating--finds this sort of thing admirable. It's amazing what a crafty individual can do given enough time, Lego blocks, electronics, and acid. Oops, did I say acid? I meant, er, Jello Pudding Pops.

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Future of Pinball DVD Update

Revenge from Mars Pinball MachineRevenge from Mars Pinball MachineGreg Maletic has sent the following update regarding the Future of Pinball documentary:

A lot has been going on in the "Future of Pinball" universe, so I thought I'd send out an update...

- First and foremost, creation of the DVD is moving forward. I just returned from Chicago where I recorded a commentary track for the DVD from several of the people who participated in the film: Roger Sharpe, Tom Uban, Cameron Silver, and Duncan Brown. They provide a lot of great insights and I know their commentary track will be an excellent addition to the disc. There are still a few uncertainties left in the schedule, but I'm shooting for a late Summer release to members of the mailing list. I'll be sure to keep you posted!

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What can you do with a Sega logo?

SegaSegaA site called Whip Ass Gaming is running a very neat collection of Sega Genesis, Master System, and GameGear games that had a bit of fun with Sega's logo. This is obviously a labor of love, but it is interesting to think how developers can get creative with a company's logo. There are so many here that it's hard to pick a favorite, but if you're a Sega fan you're going to lose a few hours here. It's really nice to see websites going beyond screenshots and doing these "screenplays." The only thing missing here is the sound!

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Granny Gamer: Bustin' the Stereotypes has a clip from "The G Hole" that features a stereotype-busting granny gamer. I loved watching this clip because it demonstrates that videogames aren't just for young males. Of course, those of us who grew up during the 80s know perfectly well that games aren't just for boys--I grew up playing games like M.U.L.E. and Wizards of Wor with my family, and my mother was addicted to GORF. Still, this grandma is able to get into games that are "intended" for the "target audience," but she's not letting that stop her. Still, there's something about her cackle that makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up...Watch the clip below!

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Nokia Launches New Software Download Service for the N-Gage

Nokia's N-Gage QDNokia's N-Gage QDAs an owner of a Nokia N-Gage QD, I'm well aware of the pulling of N-Gage software from retail shelves several months back. While plenty of software is still available via eBay and from Nokia directly, Nokia had the foresight to start a download service today for N-Gage users to have instant access to the system's large range of games. While it's easy to be critical of Nokia's design choices for the N-gage - particularly of the original model - it's very difficult to be critical of Nokia's non-stop support for the moribund platform, which debuted in 2003.

Here's the release:

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Xbox 360 Improvements Released Today

Microsoft's Xbox 360Microsoft's Xbox 360All I can say is, it's "about time" and I'm very much looking forward to these actually terribly useful improvements, particularly with the music features and DVD bookmarking!

From the official release:

Gamers ask and Xbox 360 delivers with revolutionary free upgrade for all Xbox 360 connected owners.

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US Game Magazines Reviewed

Nintendo PowerNintendo PowerGameSetWatch is running a column called 'Game Mag Weaseling': Your Field Guide to US Magazine Racks. The author, Kevin Gifford, takes us on a brief tour of the American game mag shelf, offering some history and commentary about each title. He concludes with, "If I was on a one-way flight to Moscow and I could bring any game magazines I wanted, I would buy EGM, GI, Nintendo Power, CGW, and PC Gamer. Oh, and Computer Games assuming I could find it, which I probably couldn't." He makes some interesting observations about RetroGamer, which is apparently so euro-centric that it's difficult for it to attract readers on this side of the pond.

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Prophet64 SID Music Software System Cartridge Released for the Commodore 64/128

Prophet64 SID Music Software CartridgeProphet64 SID Music Software CartridgeAs readers of Armchair Arcade know (see Matt Barton's "The Rise and Fall of Game Audio"), the Commodore 64 (C-64/128) is a unique sound machine, not out of place itself as an instrument with its powerful SID chip. The Prophet64 has finally been released and it looks to help take the venerable Commodore system to a higher level of audio integration in today's world (click here to see another interesting modern C-64 sound integration option).

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Apple II News and Notes for May 2006

From A2 News and Notes May, 2006Apple LogoApple Logo:

* Old Hardware Made New, Redux
* Hardware-emulated Apple II
* Apple II Internet
* CFFA News
* Moving In Reverse
* Making Music
* VGA Support
* KFest
* Software News
* Emulation News
* SignOff

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