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Diarrhea Dan

TechTechUh...Look, I'll just post a link to this retro-style game called Diarrhea Dan. While it's not pornographic, you probably shouldn't consider this work-safe unless your boss has a real sense of potty humor. The sounds and graphics are very faithfully old school.

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Classic PC Games on Your PSP

PSPPSPAlthough PSP owners content to run official commercial titles for their system are safer to avoid homebrew, there's no denying that the emulation scene for the popular portable is extending at a massive rate: Now you can run scads of classic PC games on your PSP, including SCUMM adventure games (which I'd rather play than Doom).

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Top 10 NES Games according to GameSpot

NESNESGameSpot has a nice feature up about the Top Ten NES Games according to its many readers. They tallied over 12,000 votes to get the resulting list. It will probably shock no one to see Super Mario Bros 3 at the top of this list, followed by Zelda (follow link for cool timeline). Perhaps more surprising is Final Fantasy at #4. This is the only Final Fantasy game I've played all the way through, and it seems odd that it would occupy such a top spot. I played it through an emulator at about four-x speed (and frequent warping), and even then it took hours of monotony to complete the game. Playing it on the original hardware must have been an exercise in endurance! I'm shocked to see Metroid coming in at a lousy #8. As far as I'm concerned, Metroid would've been at #4. Ahh...I can almost hear the theme music now...

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The Rise and Fall of the IFF Format

AmigaAmigaWow, the Amiga news just keeps on rolling in today. Well, this isn't precisely Amiga news, even though that's the first thing that pops into my mind when I hear the word "IFF." IFF, or interchange file format, was developed by Electronic Arts in 1985 in its bid for world supremacy. It became a very important format on the Amiga platform for images of all sorts. Indeed, jpeg and gif support was a long time coming to the Amiga, which was a definite problem during the early days of the Web for Amigans. Anyway, IBM has published a very nice page about IFF, and makes a surprising and evocative claim: The Interchange File Format (IFF) standard is widely regarded as long dead, and indeed, no one uses it anymore, except that nearly everyone uses it sometimes.

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Amiga Forever 2006 Released

AmigaAmigaOne of the most frequently asked questions on this site concerns Amiga emulation. Those of who were lucky enough to have Amigas growing up love to talk about how advanced and ahead-of-their-time these multitasking masterpieces really were. This kind of talk tends to get folks interested, but when they try to get an emulator like WinUAE working on their PC, they're flummoxed. Where are those ROMs??? Furthermore, even died-in-the-wool Amigans may find it tricky to dump the ROMs and get everything running smoothly. Well, one turnkey solution to the whole mess is offered by Cloanto and Amiga Forever, who have just released the 2006 Edition of their Amiga emulator. The price for the online edition is $30, which you can download and have running in minutes. Cloanto has been doing some great work for the Amiga community, and I'm excited about the enhancements to this commercial emulator. I'm downloading my copy at the moment and will hopefully have a review up soon! Press release follows the fold.

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The Most Beautiful 2-D Games

Shadow of the Beast: 2-D Graphic GoodnessShadow of the Beast: 2-D Graphic GoodnessGameDaily is running a special called Top Five Most Gorgeous 2D Games. Topping off the list is the Guilty Gear franchise, one of the few fighting games I've completed. Perhaps I'm biased, though, but I would've felt compelled to include some of Psygnosis' games for the Amiga platform, particularly the Shadow of the Beast series, though I agree that Yoshi's Island is a very aesthetically pleasing game. If you feel the need to cleanse your palate after all these 2-D titles, check out this new Far Cry footage. I really enjoyed the first Far Cry and will probably get this one when it comes out, assuming my computer can run it without tanking. The idea of destroying trees and houses has appeal! Perhaps more fun than killing AI soldiers...!

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Free 512 meg Pro Duo from Best Buy

According to Opposable Thumbs, if you act fast you can pick up a free 512 MB Memory Stick Pro Duo Gaming Memory Card. It involves printing out this coupon, but, heck, it's a great deal for anyone who needs one of these. Note: This ain't no rebate; it's instant savings!

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Help Us Select Armchair Arcade's New Logo

[NOTE: This will be updated as new entries are submitted!]
Number 8Number 8Do you have ideas for Armchair Arcade's new logo? Do you know someone who would like to design a logo for us to look at? What follows are some very rough ideas of our own. It would be great if we could all work together to see what we like and dislike about various concepts and ideas. As we get closer to issue 8 and our first print issue, it's important we finalize a really clever logo design. The only requirement is that like the current placeholder logo, it has "Armchair" on top and "Arcade" on the bottom, and we're allowed to use it for any purpose without restriction. Bonus points for "Videogames and Computers" under the logo. Of course it needs to be a high resolution original file, preferably vector, or something we could recreate ourselves if it's not. Bonus points from me if it can somehow relay that we're about both Videogames AND Computers, and bonus, bonus points tying together classic, modern and future. If videogame-like characters could somehow interact with the Logo, even better, though they'd have to be original for us to use them. While we can't give anything away at this time, we'll give full credit for full usage rights and maybe something like a signed copy of our first print issue. Thanks!

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Pinball Warriors vs. Space Invaders

Retroblast has a neat post up about a video called Pinball Warriors vs. Space Invaders. It's an old British animation that pits some city-destroying Space Invaders against a cartoon crowd of pinball heroes. I'm getting this must have been very early 80s (if not late 70s).

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How to Build the Best Paper Airplane Possible

The Ultimate Paper AirplaneThe Ultimate Paper AirplaneI just saw this site on Digg and thought I'd share it with my friends here at AA. I don't know about you, but I spent an inordinate amount of time as a kid building paper airplanes, always trying to find the right combination of folds, cuts, and creases to make the ultimate paper craft. How about you? However, my finest models didn't look anything like this masterpiece. The site takes you through each step of making your own "DC-3," including instructions on how to fly it once it's complete. There's even a Google Video to help you visualize it. I hope someone here will build this plane and consider filming it for You Tube! (hint hint!)

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