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Kindle Fire HD

Kindle Fire HDKindle Fire HDIf you don't have a tablet yet, you might want to look more into the Kindle Fire HD.
Kindle Fire HD 7", Dolby Audio, Dual-Band Wi-Fi, 16 GB

Amazon has announced it on their website today. The 8.9" 4G is selling for $499 with a Wi-Fi only model at $299. The Kindle Fire HD has a 7" screen going for $199.

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Atari-themed CHRISTMAS BYTES Kickstarter Campaign Launched! (can you spot Barton and Loguidice and Vintage Games?)

A new Atari-themed CHRISTMAS BYTES Kickstarter has been launched, and one of the reward tiers features a special bundle with a copy of our hit book Vintage Games. There are four such rewards available. When you're on their Kickstarter page, be sure to click on their YouTube link to watch some reminiscing from yours truly and some of the other partners and fans. Oh, and don't forget to pledge your support!

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Nancy Drew Kickstarter from Her Interactive

I just saw on Facebook that Her Interactive is launching a Kickstarter. Why, you ask? Isn't that company raking it in already? Well, they're doing great on PC and MAC, but looking to port their full-fledged adventure games to iOS and Android. I say "full fledged," because they're already done some stripped down "casual" versions of some games for iOS, but this is the real deal.

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Hover Force in 3D for the Intellivision using $5 glasses! (video)

Yes, the 1986 Intellivision game, Hover Force, can now be played while viewing it in its original 3D, just by using a simple Crayola toy. Check out the video overview and the links below for more details!

Click here for the original AtariAge forum topic discussing the discovery.
Click here for the full YouTube video for Hover Force for Intellivision.
Click here for the Hover Force Wikipedia page.
Click here to purchase the Crayola 3D Chalk with glasses from Amazon (just one of many options to get the required glasses).

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OUYA videogame console Kickstarter madness: What am I missing here?

I'm a big fan of Kickstarter and have personally backed over a dozen projects to date. I'm also a big fan of technology, particularly videogame and computer stuff, and practically gobble up anything new that I can. So why I am not caught up in OUYA videogame console frenzy? It has over $3 million in pledges in a little over 24 hours from over 25,000 backers, so it's already a success, and this will all surely continue to tick up dramatically and impressively over its remaining 28 days of open pledges, perhaps even breaking the Kickstarter record along the way. Clearly then, I'm in the minority when it comes to figuring out the appeal, so let's break it down.

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Graeme Devine Reveals Upcoming iOS Game Plans

Game Details Leaked!Game Details Leaked!I just finished interviewing Mr. Graeme Devine, designer of The 7th Guest, 11th Hour, Quake III Arena, and Halo Wars. This is the guy who was hired by Apple to make iOS the ideal gaming device--which he did, just before leaving Apple to make his own games for said device. At the end of the interview he decided to spill the beans about his next iOS project. Here's the spoiler:


Matt: I don't know how much you can talk about this game you're working on now, is it confidential?
Graeme: I've given a few clues about it, but I'll let you in on the secret. Okay, here's the story. I'm going to invent a time machine, and I'm going to make the entire country believe in an urban legend, convince everyone that the urban legend is real, and I'm going to scare the heck out of you all.

He's promised to keep us posted at his blog at GRL Games, his small family-run company. At any rate, his hook certainly has me eager to see what the heck he's got planned for us.

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My next book project... A Radio Shack Color Computer (CoCo) history book!

I'm happy to say that as work winds down on my forthcoming book, My PlayStation Vita, I won't be idle for long, making a long overdue return to my classic videogame and computer roots. For my eighth book, I have agreed to co-author a Radio Shack Color Computer (CoCo) history with Boisy G. Pitre, who is a former Microware engineer who worked on OS-9-related technologies in the 1990s, and is well known within the modern day CoCo community.

Boisy has already conducted a good deal of research and lined up interviews with several notable individuals, but we could always use more authoritative information and resources as supplements, so if you have access to anything or anyone you might think of interest, please let us know either via email or in the comments. The more help we get, the greater chance we'll meet our goal of making this book entertaining for both general technology enthusiasts who love a good story, as well as all of the past and present fans of Radio Shack's longest lived series of computers. Thanks for the support!

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Thoughts on Google's Big Reveals

Hot on the heels of yesterday's striking Vizio Co-Star announcement - a proper Google TV device for $99 that also happens to incorporate the excellent OnLive streaming game service - was Google's big I/O event today. There were several major reveals, including the nifty features of the next version of the Android operating system, Jellybean; the Nexus 7 7" tablet; the Google Nexus Q, a streaming media device that's made in the USA; and Project Glass, Google's upcoming augmented reality glasses. Let's take each one of these in order:

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David Crane on PITFALL 3 !

Hey guys, just noticed a new member over at Atariage and thought you would all be interested as it is the man and legend himself DAVID CRANE
sharing his thoughts on Pitfall 3 ! Best ever 1st post lol!

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Sturmwind - upcoming homebrew shmup for the Dreamcast

Just couldn't resist this. Looked at Dux for the DC but just didn't like the look of it - this is a different proposition entirely for me.

Six years in the making(!) and very late but I've taken a punt and I've pre-ordered...can't wait.

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