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Alpine Games bonus and L y n x Reloaded multi-carts now available for Atari L y n x

Alpine Games Screenshot - Single EventAlpine Games Screenshot - Single EventThe well-reviewed modern homebrew for the Atari L y n x, Apline Games, as well as L y n x Reloaded are now available in a limited manner from Carl Forhan and Songbird Productions. Many of you will remember my interview and feature on Carl and Songbird Productions in a past issue of Armchair Arcade.

From Carl:

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Classic Computer Magazine Archive - 10th Anniversary

It looks like the invaluable online magazine resource, Classic Computer Magazine Archive is celebrating it's amazing 10th anniversary by releasing a ton of new content for public consumption.

From Kevin Savetz:

July 27 will be the 10th anniversary of the Classic Computer Magazine
Archive ( In celebration, today we're announcing

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The Search for Retrogaming Booty

Commodore 128: Would you buy this for $20?Commodore 128: Would you buy this for $20?Arikhan of Destructoid has a fun post up about why he enjoys retrogaming. Most of his reasons seem centered on the rather dismal situation of his pocketbook, though he cites other factors as well--more original music, a calming look to the 8-bit graphics, and simpler controls. Normally, something like this wouldn't be very interesting, but he adds one dimension that I hadn't thought of before (but now realize is one of the reasons I enjoy retrogaming): The Hunt. How much of your devotion to retrogaming stems from scavenging in dusty bargain bins and used game shops--not to mention classifieds and ebay--for treasures?

Carpal Tunnel Craziness

Adam "The Fly" LaMosca recently wrote Aches, Pains, Aging, and Gaming an excellent essay for Gamers with Jobs. It deals with the physical side effects of gaming, focusing on carpal tunnel in particular.

Here's a sample:

It gets me thinking. I'm only 32 years old but sometimes my body protests and complains in ways it never did before. The afflictions of the aged once seemed an impossibility, yet now, as my parents buy reading glasses and take longs walks instead of jogging, I realize that I'm just a single generation removed from those everyday ailments that rearrange peoples' lives. I consider such things as hyperopia and arthritis and the inevitable slowing of body and perhaps mind and I wonder, will I always play games?

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Matt's First Mac Experience (Please, Be Gentle)

Well, I finally got my new iMac up and running, and I must admit I'm impressed with what I've seen so far. But, you'll have to excuse me if I don't put those Apple decals on my car just yet.

AppleAppleI've been having some problems making the transition (I'm a Windows "power user" in many ways, and it's tough starting over from scratch with a new OS), but I think I'm starting to get the hang of things. Sure, it's a bit disturbing when even the input devices (the keyboard and the mouse) feel strange and unresponsive, but I'm sure I'll adapt as time wears on. The subtle differences are odd and sometimes frustrating. For instance, I use the "home" and "end" keys a lot on my PC to skip to the end of a line when I type. I have these keys on the Mac keyboard, but they don't seem to do anything. I also have a large widescreen monitor built-in, but the text has a habit of being so small I can't read it. Furthermore, the window re-sizing controls are different...In short, it's like speaking Spanish all your life and suddenly finding yourself surrounded by Portuguese. Yes, the basics are the same, and you can understand and be understood on most things, but all those subtle nuances get mangled in translation. I have the distinct impression that I'm "talking louder" at the Mac rather than correctly, and I need to learn its language.

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Interview with Tom Kalinske--How Sega Japan Ruined Sega has published an interview with Tom Kalinske, former president of Sega US. If you're a Sega fan or just interested in their rise and fall, it's worth your while to check this out. In a nutshell, Kalinske seems to imply here that what really ruined Sega was the overbearing Japanese division, whose petty jealousy and petulance over the American division's success caused them to turn down opportunities that would've kept them in the ring. For instance, they refused to purchase SGI's technology on the grounds that it "wasn't good enough," yet that same tech ended up in the Nintendo64. The Japanese division also refused to go in with Sony, who (after also being rejected by Nintendo) ended up releasing its Playstation (d'oh!). However, of course we have to bear in mind who all of these views are coming from, and it's no surprise that Kalinske wants to make himself look brilliant and everyone who disagreed with him as idiotic.

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Virtual Reality Super Mario

Well, it had to happen sometime: Virtual Reality Super Mario. There's not too much to see here; just a demonstration of the unit with the game playing in the background. I'm sure the appeal of something like this just can't be captured in a YouTube--you'd have to be wearing that headset to appreciate it. Still, that doesn't look too comfortable (or intuitive) having to jerk your arm up to hit those blocks. I'm surprised they don't have him jumping on a DDR-type pad, but I suppose the logistics for that might be difficult. I think it'd be easier just to use the default NES controller, or perhaps something with dual analogs. At any rate, it's neat and definitely looks better than that clunky, Dire Straits -video type VR we're so used to seeing. YouTube below the fold.

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Classic Console Modification Services

Odyssey2Odyssey2For those of us that love playing old classic consoles, but have moved on to newer monitors and TV's with video inputs, this site is for you: They offer modification services for most older consoles (in addition to other services). A few people on a ColecoVision forum I frequent have upgraded their CV consoles and say the work and results are very good.

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More "Control Issues" and PC vs. Console Gaming

Nintendo Wii Controller: Wait until you see the foot pedals.Nintendo Wii Controller: Wait until you see the foot pedals.There's been a great deal of buzz this week about controllers, probably (methinks) inspired by Nintendo's innovations with the Wii. Retroblast has a piece up about Roberto Duran, a maker of awesome custom controllers for very serious gamers. $500 "stikz", anyone? If Duran's work is artistic and highly prized, check out this crap from Elecom. Is this supposed to be an NES-style controller for nostalgia's sake, or a gag gift for Christmas? You'd probably be better off recycling your soon-to-be-worthless dual-shocks for PC play for only $11.

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Frogger 25th Anniversary from Konami on Xbox Live Arcade - Impressions

An Achievement Symbol from Frogger 25th Anniversary on Xbox Live ArcadeAn Achievement Symbol from Frogger 25th Anniversary on Xbox Live ArcadeWell, as part of Xbox Live Wednesday's, which will see interesting new releases on that weekday for the near future, Microsoft and Konami have released "Frogger 25th Anniversary" to Xbox Live Arcade for the Xbox 360 yesterday. I was looking forward to the enhanced visuals and the new modes, but was ultimately left a bit dissapointed.

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