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Top-Ten Coolest LEGO Projects

TechEBlog has a post up about the Top 10 Coolest Lego Gadgets, complete with photographs and videos. You won't believe some of the things people are able to do with Legos--a fully functional pinball machine? A Simon Game? Talk about innovation! I have to admit, I have done little more with Legos than build the pre-boxed Star Wars stuff back in the 80s. I had no idea you could do so much more with them! These folks definitely deserve some props for ingenuity. Or perhaps a psychiatrist.

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Classic Gaming Stop-Motion Video: Mmmm....Yummy.

Well, I've seen my share of strange YouTubes, but Game Over deserves a prize for inventiveness. The director has managed to recreate scenes from Centipede, Asteroids, Pac-Man, Frogger, and Space Invaders with stop-motion photography, food, and a great deal of odds and ends he must have had lying around the house. It's actually quite entertaining, but of course, I'm wondering when he'll take the next step and actually remake these games using his graphics. That would definitely make for a surreal experience. Check out the video at the link above or below the fold here.

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ColecoNation #9 Released

Zaxxon (1982, Sega, Arcade Version)Zaxxon (1982, Sega, Arcade Version)The ninth edition of the ColecoNation Web magazine has just been released.

The newest issue of ColecoNation is hot off the press.
You can check out issue #9 now at

Inside this month's issue you'll find:
+ Interview with Paul Jaquays (worked in Game Design at Coleco from 1980 to 1985)
+ Review of Deflektor Kollection
+ Pac-Man Collection article by Eduardo Mello
+ Reviews of Midwest Gaming Classic, Zaxxon, and Phoenix: The Fall & Rise of
+ The latest ColecoVision news

Check it out at
+ Nathan

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What's wrong with the game industry?

The BBC has a small report about how the modern game industry is burning out talent. Of course, this is something we've all heard before, particularly surrounding the EASPOUSE public relations nightmare EA suffered back in 04. They actually followed up on EASPOUSE, who has now changed her tune about EA.

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RadioShack and the Origins of PC Gaming

Someone calling himself "DeadDrPhibes" has a great post up at The Older Gamers Paradise called The Birth of PC Gaming. The author takes us on a little tour of the earliest days of home PCs and gaming, starting with furniture-sized monstrosities and ending up with the Apple Mac and the Windows PC. He strikes me as a died-in-the-wall TRS-80 man, and spends good time discussing Radio Shack and Texas Instruments' entries in the home computing market (the CoCo, and so on). It's a fun read, even if it seems to be drafted mostly from the author's own experiences and memories. At any rate, it's nice to see a history like this from this perspective, since most "history-lite" like this I've read has focused mostly on the Apple, Commodore, or IBM. Now all I'm waiting for is a great feature on the Atari line of home computers.

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Wal-Mart Online: Better than Amazon for Games?

Bargain Bin Diving!Bargain Bin Diving!A few days ago I was tipped that Wal-Mart's website was a hot place to shop for games and gaming gear, but I didn't believe it until a few days ago. I visited the site to check out their Games under $20 section, and also got a look at their even cheaper PC Games. Within a few minutes of browsing the site, I decided to purchase two games: Black Mirror and Broken Sword: Sleeping Dragon, both published by the Adventure Company (the premier publisher of graphical adventure games here in the US). I paid $20 for the game and $3.50 or so for shipping. And the package arrived the next day.

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New Memory Expansion for Amiga 600 is announcing a new memory expansion for the Amiga 600 computer. It doubles the 600's ram to 2 MEGs and costs 28 pounds (approx $78 according to my calculations).

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Playing Cloning Clyde for Xbox Live Arcade - Xbox 360

Cloning Clyde character montageCloning Clyde character montageWell, Xbox Live Arcade's new release Wednesday yesterday offered up its second game for the Xbox 360 after Frogger 25th Anniversary, Cloning Clyde. Obviously unlike many of the games on the release list, Cloning Clyde is not based off a classic arcade property, but is instead its own entity.


Last winter a very interesting PSP title was release in Japan with the name "Baito Hell 2000." It's a collection of very odd mini-games which if you completed correctly you "earn" money. With the money you "earned" you're able to unlock more mini-games and real life tools such as a Ramen timer. From looking at the weird mini-games a chance to bring Baito Hell 2000 to the US was slim. Now D3 Publishing of America is bringing the title to the US as "WTF." WTF actually means "WorkTimeFun," and the title fits with the theme very well. ;) According to D3 Publishing of America, noting from American version of WTF will be removed (in other words D3 is only translating the game to English, noting else).

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GameTap Updated - Classic Gaming Multiplayer and More

GameTap for PCGameTap for PCI keep reporting on these guys like some type of corporate shill, but I think it's hard to argue with the monthly value and the service's focus on classic gaming, now taking small steps towards mulitplayer goodness. Really, when my time permits, I simply must give this a try. I'd like to implement on my regular PC and my arcade machine, so hopefully there's a way without me having to choose one system over another (I'd be using only one at a time and there's no way I'd pay twice).

Anyway, here's the press release:

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