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Commodork: Sordid Tales from a BBS Junkie

Commodork book coverCommodork book coverRob O'Hara's new book, Commodork: Sordid Tales from a BBS Junkie, has recently been restocked and is available again directly from his Website.

Weird Al Keeps it White and Nerdy!

Weird Al White and Nerdy: Weird Al debates one of the eternal questions in his music video for White and Nerdy, a parody of Chamillionaire's Ridin.Weird Al White and Nerdy: Weird Al debates one of the eternal questions in his music video for White and Nerdy, a parody of Chamillionaire's Ridin.In part of his online focused publicity blitz for his new album, Straight Outta Lynwood, Weird Al Yankovic has released a music video for White and Nerdy. Featuring hardcore nerdcore rapping about such diverse topics as Earl Grey tea, Wikipedia, and Mindsweeper, it is one of Weird Al's best songs in a while.

Watch the video via the YouTube link below and post a comment if anything in the song applies to you... I know some of it does for me. :)

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Atari Jaguar, L y n x and store updates from Songbird Productions

Ocean Depths game packaging: for Atari Jaguar CDOcean Depths game packaging: for Atari Jaguar CDAmong other updates, prior Armchair Arcade interview subject Carl Forhan and his Songbird Productions is making, among other things, the "Ocean Depths CD" and "Bomb Squad CD" homebrews more widely available for the Atari Jaguar and its CD attachment. Both games are from Starcat Developments in Germany and require a modified Jaguar that can play encrypted CD's or the use of a bypass cartridge (which is the solution that I implement).

The full update with more information is here:

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XGameStation updates - Build your own console

XGS Pico Edition 2.0 kit partsXGS Pico Edition 2.0 kit partsOur friends over at XGameStation have updated their product line with two new additions. Unfamiliar with the XGameStation concept? The product description for the new XGS Pico Edition 2.0 sums it up best:

"The XGameStation Pico Edition 2.0 is based on the technologies of its bigger brother the XGameStation Micro Edition. However, the Pico Edition is a more simplified unit that you assemble yourself! The XGS Pico Edition 2.0 comes with both the XGS Pico Edition 1.0 solderless breadboard and parts as well as the Pico PCB Add-On Kit, so it's two kits in one! After you build the solderless breadboard version then you can solder your unit together and have a completely portable embedded game system that you can re-program."

The full release:

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Full text of three more classic computer flight simulation books now available

Flights of 13MIKE book cover: For versions 5.0 and 5.1 of Microsoft Flight Simulator for PCFlights of 13MIKE book cover: For versions 5.0 and 5.1 of Microsoft Flight Simulator for PCWhile computer flight simulation is still a popular software category today, it was certainly more pervasive in earlier eras. acts as a repository for related classic materials and they've updated again with the addition of the full text of three more books. Even if you're not a flight sim fan, it's fascinating stuff just for classic computing enthusiasts.

The full release:

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Version 2.6 of blueMSX released and Brief discusson of the Game Reader

Sunrise MSX Game ReaderSunrise MSX Game ReaderOne of the first USB cartridge readers called the "MSX Game Reader" from Japan, is currently available (also under the Sunrise USB-GAMEREADER name as an alternate English supplier), and essentially allows you to play real MSX cartridges on a standard Windows XP PC. The product comes with the MSXPLAYer, which does a good job with emulation. However, the latest version of the freeware blueMSX, 2.6, now supports the device as well. This is great news for those who want the MSX experience without having to maintain an MSX computer or even multiple systems for maximum compatibility (MSX 1, MSX2, Turbo-R, etc.), so the more options, the better (I only have a Sony HB-F1XD MSX2 computer myself). It's unfortunate then that the hardware is so relatively expensive, but perhaps this will inspire others to implement related technology for other classic systems as well.

Sierra Entertainment to Rerelease Classic Quests for the PC

King's Quest Collection: Despite the nature of the cover art, the King's Quest games are more about puzzle solving the action.King's Quest Collection: Despite the nature of the cover art, the King's Quest games are more about puzzle solving the action.

Although this has been delayed a few times, it appears as if the release date of September 18th is for real: Sierra Entertainment is releasing 4 compilations of their classic Graphical Adventure Games, now optimized to work on Windows XP. Whether this means users will have to use DOSBox or not is another question, but it's nice to have these compilations re-released.

Space Quest Collection

Police Quest Collection

Leisure Suit Larry Collection

King's Quest Collection

What's very strange is that the King's Quest Collection does not have Mask of Eternity, the much-reviled eighth game in the series that has 3-D platformer elements.

Even stranger is that the Leisure Suit Larry Collection is lacking Leisure Suit Larry 7: Ship up or Slip Out!

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New Freeware Sword of Fargoal Remake

Fans of Jeff McCord's classic Sword of Fargoal will be pleased to hear of a new freeware remake called Dungeons of Fargoal. I'm not sure how this version stacks up with the authorized shareware remake ($10 for Mac or Windows), but if you're up for some fairly addictive hack and slash, here's your chance. I'll never forget those creepy sounds on the C-64 version...Duuuunnn dum. Duuuuuun dum. Try out the remake and let us know what you think! Link via Indepedent Gaming.

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Konami's Scramble (1981) on Xbox Live Arcade Wednesday's

Konami's Scramble (1981) arcade screenshotKonami's Scramble (1981) arcade screenshotWell, it was that time again yesterday, Xbox Live Arcade Wednesday, where Microsoft releases one new Xbox Live Arcade game each Wednesday until further notice. They missed last week, with technical difficulties with the still unreleased "Lumines Live!", but this week saw Konami's "Scramble" come out (Konami seems to be a HUGE Live supporter, don't they?).

For those unfamiliar with "Scramble", it's the 1981 arcade shooting game from Konami where you control a spaceship flying over a forced-scrolling landscape, able to shoot "bullets" and drop bombs, but needing to refuel frequently (by blowing up fuel tanks - go figure). To me, it's the lesser version of Universal's superior and contemporary "Cosmic Avenger", also from 1981, which features lusher landscapes and had a fun ColecoVision conversion that I played a ton of. In any case, I enjoy these types of games and many may be familiar with Scramble's sequel, "Super Cobra", which received conversions on countless platforms in the early to mid-80's courtesy of Parker Brothers.

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Breaking News: Nintendo Wii Official Price - $249.99 in US

Nintendo Wii Controller and AttachmentNintendo Wii Controller and AttachmentIn a surprise move, Nintendo announced that the official price of the Wii in the US will be $249.99, which is actually $50 or more than many were predicting. "There is one price, one configuration and one color -- the same white Nintendo uses in its Nintendo DS." It is also expected to ship November 19th worldwide.

This will no doubt be dissapointing to some (to put it mildly), as the low end Microsoft Xbox 360 is priced at $299.99 and may drop a bit lower by November (the low end PS3 is expected to be $399.99). We'll see as events unfold and do a more complete value comparison once all three systems are actually released, but Nintendo superficially at least is not really offering superior value over the competition with what the Wii comes with and what a second controller set and games cost.

"The Wiimote has a MSRP of $39.99 and the nunchuk has an MSRP of $19.99 -- they are sold separately."

"Wii points [similar to Microsoft points] will be used to purchase Virtual Console titles. 100 Wii Points equals a dollar, NES titles cost 500 points ($5), SNES titles 800 points ($8) and Nintendo 64 titles cost 1000 points ($10)."

"Citing a series of quotes from developers supporting the Wii, Fils-Aime points out that 30 titles will be available in the launch-window, with about half of them available on day one. They will, as reported, retail for $49.99 (ten bucks less than [most third party] Xbox 360 titles)."

Details here and here.

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