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A New Style of Videogame?

Characters and Visuals from Cecropia's "The Act"Characters and Visuals from Cecropia's "The Act"While industry analysts such as myself, and others like legendary developers Chris Crawford and Richard Garriott (AKA "Lord British") have been proponents of exploring sophisticated themes in gaming, be they mature, emotional or something else entirely, few games have actually bothered to make a legitimate attempt. Those that have, such as "Facade" have been more miss than hit in execution. A company called Cecropia has finally come out of stealth/start-up mode and been getting a lot of press lately about their first "experimental" game, "The Act", identified as an interactive comedic film experience. What seems to make this a bit different from the usual indie developer spin on things is that the company was started in conjunction with a bunch of former Disney animators, giving the experience legitimate visual impact, while the gameplay is designed around a simple knob to manipulate the emotions, personality and actions of the player's avatar.

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Apple II (2) News and Notes for September 2006

A2 News and Notes September, 2006

* Just Cloning Around
* Home Expansion
* Curling Up With A Good Book
* Wish You Were There?
* Socket Makeover
* Software News
* Emulation News
* SignOff

-- While making new clones of old Apple II computers has become popular,
clones of Our Favorite Computer aren't new. Apple II clones, especially

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Two New Limited Edition Cartridge Games Released for the ColecoVision

Search for the Stolen Crown Jewels (2006) screenshot: ColecoVision - Adam formatSearch for the Stolen Crown Jewels (2006) screenshot: ColecoVision - Adam formatNot much more to say here than in the blurbs provided below, but two new cartridge games, "Search for the Stolen Crown Jewels", which is loosely based on the 1981 Rock-Ola arcade game, "Fantasy", and "Schlange CV", which is a "Snake" remake, are available in cartridge form for the ColecoVision/Adam in limited supply from the Website. Downloadable trial ROM versions provide a nice demo-before-you-buy option in the emulator of your choice or for direct transfer to a flash device.

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Where are they now? Street Fighter II Warriors

A site called College Humor has a really well-done and funny video up called Street Fighter: The Later Years. The video picks up 10 years after SF 2, and shows what life is like now for two SF characters--Zangif and Dhalsim. It appears to be part of an upcoming series of shorts, and I'm already looking forward to the next installment.

Secondly, though it can't compete with Bill's massive retro studio, you should definitely check out Jeff Kinder's Gameroom. Kinder is a Dragon's Lair freak with one of the sweetest basement arcades in the US! Bill--Kinder lives in northern New Jersey. Coincidence?

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The 12th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition--Download the games and vote!

If you enjoy playing interactive fiction (aka text adventures), you should know that the 12th Annual IF Competition is underway. The games have been submitted; now it's time for you to download the 44 games and vote for your favorite entries. You can either download the whole collection via Bit Torrent or check out individual games. The time limit is six weeks (November 15th, 2006), so you'd better get a move on if you want to be a judge in the contest.

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Afraid to get Left Behind? Game or Propaganda?

Left Behind: Good, wholesome entertainment. Yuck!Left Behind: Good, wholesome entertainment. Yuck!I bet everyone here has heard the news about the Left Behind games. These games are based on the best-selling Christian novels by the same name. The appeal of these novels isn't hard to fathom. They take place after the "Rapture," when all the good people are suddenly whisked away to heaven and only sinners are left to deal with the Antichrist and the Apocalypse. It's one of the most fascinating and compelling stories in the Bible, and even if you're a devout atheist, it's hard to deny the possibilities for really interesting stories set in this time period. Everyone finds diabolical and thoroughly evil figures like the "Antichrist" fun to think about! However--will any self-admittedly "Christian" game ever hope to succeed in the marketplace? Or will this game be another "Mama bought it for me" cull that you got instead of Grand Theft Auto?

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Welcoming a New Member of the Armchair Arcade Family

Olivia LoguidiceOlivia LoguidiceHappily, Olivia Loguidice was born on Tuesday, September 26, 2006, 01:44 PM EST, via c-section. Olivia was 7 pounds 6 ounces and 20 inches long. Mom Christina is doing great, considering, and baby is perfectly healthy, despite surprising everyone by revealing herself to be 37 weeks old rather than the 38 everyone thought she was. We're all home now with Olivia's sister Amelie, who is 22 - almost 23 - months old. Amelie has already given Olivia several kisses and has been very gentle with her, acknowledging her as her sister, then promptly going back to toddler-business-as-usual as if nothing has changed around her! Thanks to everyone for their well wishes and support; Christina and I greatly appreciate it.


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Mr. Roger's Plays Donkey Kong, Heirloom PC Cases, Best of Sega Master, C-64 Games on the Wii

Mr. Rogers: What, you thought Mr. Rogers wasn't into gaming?Mr. Rogers: What, you thought Mr. Rogers wasn't into gaming?I've been so busy lately that I haven't been able to keep up with my blog reading...And boy, have I missed some cool stuff. Let me run through some of the most interesting posts. First off, from Kotaku comes this snippet of A Mr. Roger's Neighborhood episode featuring Donkey Kong. Fred Rogers reveals himself to be a true hacker, asking not just to play the game but to see inside the box to see how it works. Fun! And, by the way, anyone who thinks Fred Rogers was a pedo is truly sick. Next up, Racketboy runs through the best games for Sega's Master System, starting off with Phantasy Star. Psycho Fox, anyone? Thirdly, buried in this site is an announcement that Epyx will be releasing some of its C-64 titles for the Wii. Sorry, no titles as of yet...!

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Will the PS3 be backwards compatible with Genesis?

One of the major selling points for Nintendo's Wii system (at least for retrogamers) is its ability to easily play games from older Nintendo systems. For awhile, it seemed like Sony's PS3 system would counter by offering gamers access to the Sega Genesis/Megadrive lineup. Worthplaying is now reporting that this may not be the case after all, and that Sony is only "considering" this option.

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Midway Offers Free Online Arcade Games--Satan's Hollow, Sinistar, Robotron, and more!

I have some info that's sure to please many folks here at Armchair Arcade: Midway is offering ten classic games playable for free right in your browser. These conversions use Macromedia Shockwave to very good effect--there's even support for joysticks.

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