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More on the PC/Console Divide

Edge Magazine is running a nice article responding to Crytek's Cevat Yerli's rant on PC vs. consoles that we discussed previously. It brings up some good questions, such as whether PCs will step up their invasion of the living room and the effect that might have on the divide: Surely, though, if you were to click a button and magically beam your PC output to your TV today, you’d still be pretty far from a console-like experience. Neither Microsoft nor Steam has shown any real interest in a living-room game UI, even though it’s entirely feasible. In the end, believes Ployhar, the choice might be made for them.

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Gamasutra's Top 5 Industry Trends

Gamasutra has an article up concerning the top 5 major industry trends they see as we round out 2010. You could probably list most of them yourself: Facebook gaming, 3D, cloud gaming, digital distribution, and motion controls. I thought I would give my own thoughts on each below; feel free to add your own.

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Howard Stern Signs New Five Year Deal with Sirius XM - Misses out on Setting New Podcasting Standards

In an interesting turn of events, with only a few shows left on his initial five year Sirius XM contract, Howard Stern announced this morning that he's just signed a new five year deal there, likely bringing him at the age of nearly 62 to what will be the end of his storied radio show as we know it at that time. While many fans such as myself were anxiously waiting to see what Stern would decide since he's just about the only reason left not to listen all but exclusively to podcasts, many of us also thought that it was all but a given he would embark on said podcasting as his new career path. After all, if someone like Adam Carolla can be the biggest name in podcasting right now, someone of Stern's caliber and gravitas would send it through the stratosphere. After all, this is the same Howard Stern and show that helped Sirius go from struggling with 600,000 subscribers and being overshadowed by XM, to now having greater than 20,000,000 subscribers and being the initiator (rather than the recipient) of a merger with XM, which is how it's now Sirius XM. Obviously, faced with the very real prospect of losing countless millions subscribers (me among them) if Stern didn't re-sign, Sirius XM worked extra hard to get a deal done at the last minute. It also sounds like Stern will also get a further reduction in work schedule at some point and finally also be available on the Sirius XM mobile app (with his absence causing many of us not to have bothered with it, particularly with the extra fee post merger).

So why do I bring this up? I was fully expecting the outdated idea of satellite radio - which was a good idea before ubiquitous mobile devices that could either download content or stream content over the Internet - to go the way of the dodo if Stern left and for podcasting to take its rightful place as the premiere form of on demand content distribution (along with live streaming when appropriate). As it is now, Stern bought satellite another five years and that gives Sirius XM five more years to shore up their content and technology when they're faced with inevitably the same issue again they were faced with right up until this morning's official announcement. So, while fans such as myself are satisfied that Stern will be back (albeit under apparently more limited scheduling on an already frustratingly reduced schedule), I believe many of us also have a sense of disappointment that the next five years of his show could have been another revolution and one where he could have truly been the owner and master of his domain. As it stands now, it's business as usual, and that's not the Stern way. At least it wasn't the Stern way. I guess we all lose our edge at some point...

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PaintShop Photo Pro X3 Limited Edition for $25 on Amazon, but creates firestorm due to DRM!

While checking out one of Amazon's amazing deals, PaintShop Pro X3 Limited Edition for just $25, I couldn't help but be distracted by a firestorm of negative comments related to some rather harsh sounding Digital Rights Management (DRM). In fact, the comments have been so harsh and there have been so many one star "reviews" because of it, Corel themselves commented (an opportunity I've not seen Amazon provide before, but it appears to be an option now), which, by most accounts, appears to be little more than corporate doublespeak and certainly didn't calm the firestorm. Let's hear your thoughts! For your convenience, I've reproduced one of the user reviews and Corel's response below:

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Might and Magic I vs. Dragon Age

Might & MagicMight & MagicRampant Coyote has a great blog post up that compares Dragon Age: Origins and Might & Magic Book One: Secret of the Inner Sanctum. Which is the more compelling? Well, it's no surprise to many of us that the Coyote prefers the latter game, but the interesting thing is why. Here's what he comes up with:

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Make Simple Game for iPhone; Proceed Directly to Bank

TrainyardTrainyardGamasutra has an interview up with one Matt Rix, designer and developer of a simple iOS game called Trainyard. Although he did all the work during his work commute, the game has already netted him enough cash to quit his day job and found his own game company. I love what he says here: "I’ve learned a ton of lessons, but the biggest one is to pick a goal then follow through till you’re done. You’ve got to be motivated and determined to finish your game, or else you just won’t. I see way too many people biting off more than they can chew, attacking huge games or just working on prototype after prototype ad nauseum. I think you’ll learn way more from finishing and releasing a single game than you’ll ever learn from working on dozens of prototypes." Touche!

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Chip Hageman = Newest Armchair Arcade Team Member

We're proud to announce that Chip Hageman is now the newest team member of Armchair Arcade. Many of you already know of Chip from his blog posts at Armchair Arcade and his recent contribution to Episode 5 of the Armchair Arcade Radio podcast, and of course his Websites, and Join me in welcoming Mr. Hageman to the team and be sure to check out the About Us page for more on him and the rest of the Armchair Arcade staff, which spans the United States, Canada, and Europe.

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Released: Commodore Free Magazine Issue 46

The November/December edition of Commodore Free Magazine has been released.

This issue includes: A look at the upcoming C64 title 1,000 Kung-Fu Maniacs!, a review of the MCC-216, the Joyport switcher, Links to videos from CommVEx v6 and much.. much more.

Download the latest issue here.

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Beeslife update for the 2011 release of Rick Dynamite on the Mattel Intellivision!

There's a nice new video update courtesy of Beeslife on the upcoming Rick Dynamite platform game for the Mattel Intellivision from homebrew impresario Arnauld Chevallier. Based on the video, there's a heck of a lot to look forward to in 2011 for fans of the classic system:

Be sure to check the Beeslife Website for more information.

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Book release: "Commodore: a Company on the Edge"

I just received an email from Variant Press that Brian Bagnall's excellent book on the history of Commodore is being updated and re-released... Now entitled Commodore: A Company on the Edge, the book features fifteen additional interviews, dozens of period photographs, and is presented in a chronological format with even more first-hand stories.

If you didn't get this book the first time 'round you should definitely consider picking it up now. This book beautifully captures the amazing history of a company that, I'm sure, touched the lives of most readers here.. and it's all told by the people who made it happen. I've read the original multiple times and I personally can't wait to get my mitts on this update.

They are offering signed author copies of the book a month before it hit's Amazon and Barnes & Noble at the publishers website at a cost of $29.95 (USD).


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