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Solidoodle 2--the first sub-$500 3D printer. Is this the next big thing?

As an admitted techno-luster, I've been following the trend of 3D printing with intense interest, particularly as prices continue to drop from previously stratospheric levels. Gizmag reports that Solidoodle 2 has broken the $500 barrier--which puts it right in line with that sweet spot for home/hobbyist use. With that said, the output does look far rougher (particularly texture-wise) than I've seen from the more expensive units (which are double or more in price, though), but I'm sure that will improve over time.

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Videos - All Author Interviews for the Book, My Xbox: Xbox 360, Kinect, and Xbox LIVE

Wouldn't you know it? After Christina posted earlier about our first author interview appearing on the Amazon Website for our latest book, My Xbox: Xbox 360, Kinect, and Xbox LIVE, we find out that the whole series in Que Publishing's OnGadgets&Hardware is available on their site. You can check out the links here (click on Podcasts) to each of the videos or watch the embedded versions we've included below. They're also available at iTunes and in audio-only versions. Thanks for the support!

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First Author Interviews for the Book, My Xbox: Xbox 360, Kinect, and Xbox LIVE

The first in a series of interviews with us about our latest book, My Xbox: Xbox 360, Kinect, and Xbox LIVE, has been posted on Amazon's Website. You can go to the Amazon product page for the book, or go to this link directly to see just the video. Thanks for checking it out!

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New Kickstarter for Atari 2600 Star Castle - But should you support it?

I posted about this as a comment in another thread, but since this is such a big deal I thought I would whip up a quick front page blog post to give it its due. There's a new Kickstarter for an Atari 2600 version of Star Castle, a 1980 vector-based arcade game from Cinematronics that received an excellent port to the Vectrex home console in 1982. While the Atari 2600 can only produce raster, not vector graphics like the Vectrex, a recent port of the game was created by D. Scott Williamson, an original Atari programmer, albeit one who started working there six years after the 1982-release of Howard Scott Warshaw's Star Castle-inspired Yars' Revenge. Williamson was similarly inspired to create his Star Castle homebrew by Warshaw's creation, so he purposely limited himself to 8K of ROM for authenticity's sake, even though the cartridge hardware that he made could handle up to 64K.

Long story short, Williamson ended up wanting tens of thousands of dollars for his programming effort--a reasonable request if this were the platform's early 80's heydey. Unfortunately for Williamson, most homebrewers these days do it for the proverbial love of the game, so no one was willing to pay anywhere near that. In fact, in a convoluted AtariAge thread, his actions and subsequent reactions, not to mention that of the community's, eventually led to another homebrew programmer being himself inspired to create a version, which he released for free, here, and by all accounts is superb.

Undeterred, Williamson decided to take his case to Kickstarter, which you can see here. It's a genuine soap opera (one that I'm not even sure I have sorted correctly), albeit one within a niche of a niche within our industry. It will be interesting to see how this Kickstarter works out for Williamson. I'm certainly intrigued by the cartridge with flashing lights timed to the gameplay and admire his engineering effort, but $100 for a complete, boxed copy is a bit tough to swallow. Maybe with a bit of time I'll reconsider...

What are your thoughts on this mess? Obviously Williamson can charge what he wants for his work - and it's up to the market to decide what they'll pay (and they didn't pay the first time around; maybe this Kickstarter will be different) - but is he out of touch with the realities of the homebrew market? After all, even the best homebrews can struggle to sell 250 boxed copies at well below his $100 boxed copy asking price...

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The New Armchair Arcade TRS-80 Emulation & Gaming Page:

TRS-80 Emulation & GamesTRS-80 Emulation & Games
We here at Armchair Arcade are very happy to announce a new website feature for our audience: An on-line, in-browser emulation of one of the classic 8-bit computers--the TRS-80 Model III personal computer. You can now play and re-live some of the best 1-color, 8-bit gaming goodness of yesteryear!

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TRS-80 Model III Emulation & Gaming!

We here at Armchair Arcade are very pleased to offer you a unique in-browser retro-gaming and emulation experience.

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Short limited time get FALLOUT for PC FREE from GOG!

Get FALLOUT for PC FREE from GOG! Including free manual/soundtrack/avatars/wallpapers and more!

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Malfunctioning ColecoVision sends Rob Daviau to Alternate Reality

Rob Daviau in Mortal Peril!Rob Daviau in Mortal Peril!Attention all Armchair Arcaders: Rob Daviau, YouTube sensation and longtime friend of the site, has suffered a terrible accident! Foolishly modding a badly wired ColecoVision he received in a mysterious box from "The Doctor," Rob has been ripped out of our spacetime continuum and projected into a terrifying alternate reality! The photo you see here was sent just before the portal vanished; apparently Rob thought it was more important to alert us to his predicament than to use the portal to return! As you can see from the agony on the man's face, this is not a realm he wishes to be, and we must do all we can to save him. Please, if you have a ColecoVision and a Sonic Screwdriver, Rob needs your aid to bring him back home.

Wait, what's that? Another transmission! Transcript follows (breaking news!):

(begin transcript)
Matt: "Hold on, Rob, we can't just leave you there. I know you must be worried that you'll bring back a strange germ or something from that other dimension, but don't worry, we'll be sure to hose you off good when you get here."
Rob: "Matt, NOOOO!"
Matt: "That's right, Rob, just hang in there, we're working as hard as we can here."
(end transcript)

As you can see, the situation is becoming more serious by the moment. Get to work, folks!

Wasteland 2 Kickstarter

I've never actually created my own post before, up to now I've only commented on articles, but I wanted to put this out there because this seems like the site for people interested in this news.

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