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sony playstation portable
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The Hot New Trend - Sony Bashing and its Effects on the PSP

Sony PSPSony PSPI was thinking about the relentless Sony bashing of late, which has been brought upon in big part by Sony themselves. Frankly, they have certain company representatives who simply can't help but mouth off in the most inane manner with a ridiculous amount of bravado and disregard for basic common sense. To put it bluntly, no one likes the 800-pound gorilla (especially in America, we prefer to root for the perceived underdog, justified label or not) or the "dick", and Sony has been both for some time now.

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Classic PC Games on Your PSP

PSPPSPAlthough PSP owners content to run official commercial titles for their system are safer to avoid homebrew, there's no denying that the emulation scene for the popular portable is extending at a massive rate: Now you can run scads of classic PC games on your PSP, including SCUMM adventure games (which I'd rather play than Doom).

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Free 512 meg Pro Duo from Best Buy

According to Opposable Thumbs, if you act fast you can pick up a free 512 MB Memory Stick Pro Duo Gaming Memory Card. It involves printing out this coupon, but, heck, it's a great deal for anyone who needs one of these. Note: This ain't no rebate; it's instant savings!

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The State of the Homebrew Nation

Nintendo DS: The next king of homebrew?Nintendo DS: The next king of homebrew?There's a good article on a site called DCEMU UK today about The State of Homebrew on All Consoles. The author starts off with the PSP and moves on to discuss homebrew on many systems, including the GB2x and GB32. He claims that the PSP homebrew scene is the biggest at the moment, which would seem to be evidenced by the many posts we've had here recently about it.

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Atari 800/130/5200 Emulation for your PSP!

PSPPSPIf anyone has an extra Sony PSP sitting around, please consider shipping it to me! Everytime I turn around there's something like this Atari 800/5200 emulator out for it. How cool would it be to play the original M.U.L.E. on your PSP? By the way, if anyone tries out this emulator, let us know your thoughts!

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Retrogaming Ports for Modern Hardware

X360X360Racketboy has collected a list of retrogaming port announcements that are sure to interest retrogamers who don't want to go the emulator route. The GBA is getting a 3-game Capcom pack that includes Bionic Commando and Strider (whatever happened to that franchise?), and the Xbox 360 Live Arcade is getting a whole suite of really sweet classics (including Paperboy and Sonic). It really amuses me how many "obsolete" games are showing up on modern consoles these days--a testament to their status as true classics. Of course, this ties in nicely with Nintendo's announcement to cater more to touch gamers this time around.

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DS vs. PSP: Look it up, folks...

Nintendo DS: Don't buy this.Nintendo DS: Don't buy this.I just saw something pretty funny over at Kotaku: The DS Sucks Folks, Look it up! I haven't seen this guy before, but apparently he's Jonathan Harchick, and he's been doing his Talking With Jon show since 2002. It's a pretty terrible show, yet at the same time, there's something oddly compelling about it. At any rate, it's worth a few chuckles, and will probably remind you all-too-well of some dork down the street who thinks he knows gaming.

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