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News & Tidbits: Pinball, D&D

I just wanted to post two things quick that I received via email. The first is The Pinball Blog, which looks pretty interesting (I know you pinball fans will want to check it out). The next is a web show called Gold: The Series, which is about a bunch of tabletop RPG fans preparing for a world championship. It reminded me a bit of MST3000 (the intermission bits) and perhaps a bit of a Kevin Smith film. I liked the dialog at the beginning of the 2nd episode, which is about how D&D fans are suffering from the massive appeal and "convenience" of MMOs. Worth a look, for sure.

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Introducing: The SLOG

You can slog it! Slog it good!You can slog it! Slog it good!Don't forget it: You heard it hear first, folks. First, there was weblogging. Then there was blogging, vblogging, podcasting, twittering; the list goes on. Now I'm pleased to introduce a new buzzword into the mix: Slogging!

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Retrogaming Blogs: A Look at What Else is Out There

If there's one thing you can say about the internet, it's that it has all the information you need and too much more. Everyday I check my Google Reader, where I have some hundred odd feeds related to gaming, tech, science, and just cool stuff like Digg and YouTube. It would take hours to go through all the links that accrue in there daily, so I've become quite efficient at scanning headlines for interesting material. Eventually, I've noticed that I only tend to really pay attention to 10 or so blogs, so I thought I'd give you my list and ask you to compare it to yours. These blogs aren't all limited strictly to retrogaming, but I daresay that anyone who enjoys retrogaming will probably enjoy them.

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