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Opinion pieces that aren't long or detailed enough to be considered feature articles.
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How to Avoid Drama on YouTube

I had originally posted this list on another thread, but decided it was worth its own post. Please let me know what you think! My guess is that following these tips would really be helpful for anyone considering uploading videos to YouTube or trying to join the community. Although I'm fairly new to YouTube myself, I was able to compile these tips by reading articles, talking to fellow tubers, and of course watching the results of such drama in many videos on the site.

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How do you become a writer?

I was asked a question this morning on the professional networking site, LinkedIn, which moved me to a somewhat long-winded response that I thought I would share, unedited. Maybe it answers this gentleman's question, maybe it doesn't, but it certainly had me reflect on the good fortune that I've had since January 2004, when Armchair Arcade officially launched. While I was doing occasional freelance writing prior to that, it was really the co-founding of this very site that kicked off the most interesting projects I've worked on, including the books and feature film, with the promise of so much more to come. The question was, "Beside writing, how does one really get started as a author and or freelance writer?". My response follows:

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Why Google Chrome OS will fail (on netbooks)

I've been keeping an eye on news developments about Google's attempt at a true-blue operating system, and came across an op-ed today called Five Reasons Google Chrome OS Will Fail on, of all things, Google News.

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Thoughts on the new Star Trek movie

I finally got to see the new Star Trek movie last night and thought I'd post a few thoughts on it while it's all fresh in my head. I'm going to assume you're familiar with the Star Trek mythos here.

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Space Aliens

Space Aliens: Geek Haven in St. CloudSpace Aliens: Geek Haven in St. CloudHi, guys. I've been talking to a reporter from the St. Cloud Times about Woot, and he decided that we should do a photo shoot at a local restaurant named Space Aliens. This is a very cool establishment; pretty much a must-see for true geeks, sci-fi fans, and, above all, gamers. Although it seems to be focused mostly on kids, there is stuff here for adults, including a bar made up to look like the Cantina Bar from Star Wars--and there are those touch-screen arcade games to keep you entertained while you wait for ribs. Overall, it's a nice place, and I wanted to post about it so you can see what you're missing! (As of yet, there are only 8 locations.) Needless to say, I prefer this place to Chuck E. Cheese, though Gameworks is a very solid competitor (they have one of those in Minneapolis, but it's at least an hour and half drive there).

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Matt's Underexplored Game Concept #1: The Shoot'em Down

We've been having a great discussion over on this thread about where the future great game designers will come from. While I love ranting and speculating about such things, I also like to play fun games.

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Who will replace Wright?

It seems like the whole industry is abuzz about Will Wright's depature from Maxis. What's perhaps more interesting is a question posed by an Xbox co-creator, who sees a "generation gap" emerging and wonders how the industry will recruit and nurture new talent to replace retiring stars like Wright. Seamus Blackley argues that we need to stop squandering talent and let new people explore their own ideas--even when that seems risky or counter-intuitive. Mr. Blackley, I couldn't agree more!

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Matt's Reflections on GDC 2009 and W00t!

I wanted to take a few moments to reflect on "Matt & Bill's Excellent Adventure" in San Francisco. We've obviously got a great deal of work to do coming up in gathering footage and deciding how best to integrate the interviews--but for now, just a few fun things.

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Copilot and Backseat Driver Gaming

Many games throughout history have offered great multiplayer. I played a Pong arcade machine with a friend of mine here in Houston last November, and it was an absolute blast. The friend or stranger standing next to you adds to the gaming experience. Is multiplayer limited to traditional co-op or versus modes? Not at all.

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Thoughts on EGM's latest issue

There are some interesting articles in EGM that you should check out if you get the chance. The first is a thoughtful PC vs.

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