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Obama Wins, CNN Has Fun with Technology

While we tend to shy away from overt political opinions here on Armchair Arcade for obvious reasons (i.e., some people can be extremely sensitive about certain topics), I just wanted to say that I really felt good about Senator Obama's big victory last night, both as an American and as someone who has a generally positive outlook on life and the future. My network of choice during this historic Presidential run has been CNN in HD. They've become a bit infamous for their overt use of technology during their coverage, particularly for their "magic map", which is a type of multi-touch device that has all kinds of nifty features to dig deeper into the data. What caught my eye in particular last night though was their use of a pseudo-hologram technology and placing an animated, 3D capitol building on one of the conference tables. I don't have a link to the 3D capitol building, but I did find some instances on YouTube of the other technology that they've been using.

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Video: What do women think of sexy female avatars? has an eye-opening video up about sexy female avatars (particularly DOA) and women's responses to them (Warning: Link has no nudity, but still might not be WS). Predictably, most of the women are disappointed by such tendencies, but do point out positive female avatars like Jade and Nancy Drew (I might add Kate from Syberia and April from The Longest Journey). Unfortunately, most developers seem determined to reduce games to the status of soft porn--even though more and more male as well as female gamers are demanding more mature content (and not in the x-rated sense!).

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