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Hockey (Magnavox Odyssey, 1972)

1972HockeyOverlay: It is pretty, but I keep thinking, why are they facing-off over the Japanese flag?1972HockeyOverlay: It is pretty, but I keep thinking, why are they facing-off over the Japanese flag?Hockey is another "sport port" from the real-world to your television through the magic of . . . The Odyssey!!! I'm not sure I "get" this game of Hockey. I do get it in the real-world, all right, but not this variation.

The game starts with a face-off, which is refreshingly different from the first three games we played. (Table Tennis, Tennis and Football) Set the two paddles across from each other and maneuver the PUCK between them so that it is whizzin' back and forth at an amazin' speed.

Football (Magnavox Odyssey, 1972)

1972FootballOverlay: This is the overlay for Football on the Magnavox Odyssey.1972FootballOverlay: This is the overlay for Football on the Magnavox Odyssey.Football on the Odyssey, for my son and I, is worse than staring at a blank wall. We're not into football. We don't watch football. We don't even own a football. (well, we have a Nerf(tm) somewhere.) I honestly think that if two football fans played this game they would try it for 15 minutes and say "Screw this! Let's go outside and throw a football around."

Football is more of a "football abstraction". It's as if the game is asking you to pretend that you are playing a football simulation. It includes an Ãœberlay, a gameboard, about 40 cards, a football marker, and a yardage marker and utilizes no less than three of the pack-in Odyssey carts. The gameboard is included to use with the football and yardage markers to keep track of the ball and, um, the yardage, as one would expect.

Tennis (Magnavox Odyssey, 1972)

Der Ãœberlay for TennisDer Ãœberlay for Tennis

You: Didn't we just play Tennis the other day?

Me: Oh, no, that was Table Tennis and this is Tennis.

You: I see. Well, what's the difference?

Me: For one, this game uses the videogaming technological breakthrough known as The Overlay. In parts of the world that speak German this might be known as Der Ãœber-lay, which, to my mind, sounds a lot more exciting.

Table Tennis (Magnavox Odyssey, 1972)

Let's get this out of the way: I'M LONGWINDED! It's probably one of the many reasons I'm not a professional writer along with reasons like NOT being able to write about INTERESTING things, NOT being able to spell worth a damn and NOT caring (too much) about whether or not what I say makes ANY sense.

Ultraman vs. Odyssey

Okay, for those of you who didn't read my last entry (and who could blame you?) this blog is about pretending it isn't 2007. We're using our imaginations and pretending that it is 1972.

A Stupid Idea

I like to play computer/videogames. There are many of these games and I want to play them all, even the bad ones. In one lifetime, I can't. Well, I technically could, but then, at the end of it (the lifetime) would I be able to call it a life? With my clawed hands and burned out eyes on my deathbed, would I relish having consumed all possible videogames or would I curse my life as wasted?

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