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Atari-themed CHRISTMAS BYTES Kickstarter Campaign Launched! (can you spot Barton and Loguidice and Vintage Games?)

A new Atari-themed CHRISTMAS BYTES Kickstarter has been launched, and one of the reward tiers features a special bundle with a copy of our hit book Vintage Games. There are four such rewards available. When you're on their Kickstarter page, be sure to click on their YouTube link to watch some reminiscing from yours truly and some of the other partners and fans. Oh, and don't forget to pledge your support!

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See the new Hallmark Pac-Man ornament in video and photos!

My wife, Christina, was nice enough to pick me up the new Pac-Man arcade machine Christmas tree ornament from a local Hallmark store ("as a surprise" as she likes to point out). You can see the details of it here, but it's presently only available in-store. Below I have some casual photos and a short, unedited video of the ornament in action (actually, I ended up taking it again since the digital camera was in time lapse mode for some reason), of course as my daughters are attacking it. It lights up and plays the Pac-Man theme and a short gameplay sound effects sample when you press either the Player 1 or Player 2 buttons.

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The Pig That Saved Christmas

A recent post (Mission in Snowdriftland) and the ensuing dialogue at Armchair Arcade reminded me of this Christmas oriented platform game. If the presents are already wrapped, and it's time to kick back with an egg nog or some hot cocoa, then visit the Playdo Christmas page and try Save the Santa.

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Mission in Snowdriftland

Any kid with an Advent calendar knows there's few days remaining before Christmas, Although I'm sure most really don't need that calendar to remind them, and there's enough of them that think the few are still to many (Patience, children, patience.) Nintendo has a nice twist on the Advent calendar. They call it Mission in Snowdriftland. Why not count down the days with a classic style 2D side-scrolling platformer? Quite fun. Not simple. And the teeth won't be rotted out from getting the candy behind each door. Here there's a new level to play each day as Christmas approaches. So since I'm a bit tardy in this posting, there's currently plenty of available levels for sinking your teeth into.

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