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A History of Gaming Platforms - The Vectrex - Loguidice and Barton

Hey, guys, just a heads-up, the second article in the series from the book, this one on the GCE/Milton Bradley Vectrex, has been posted by Gamasutra:

If you're interested, as a special bonus, here are four images they chose not to include in the article:

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It Boggles my Mind

It really does. And provides a wonderful excuse for a lame pun. And a wonderful excuse to post something here. Sometimes I start writing and it surprises me that sometimes others are willing to pay for something that comes out of these fingers. (The thoughts don't stay in my mind too long.

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Look Out! Here comes the Mother of All Retrogaming Articles!

Do you like reading Armchair Arcade retro feature articles, loaded with hard-to-find information and first-hand experience? Do you get giddy reading articles that you know only a truly dedicated (some might say obsessed!) retrogamer could ever dream to write? Do you say "AMEN" when you see something in our articles that you know you would never read elsewhere, because those other youngster "critics" have never actually played the games they attempt to write about? If so, keep your eye on this site this weekend. Better yet, just open the site and leave it up! I'm rolling out what I honestly think is my best-ever article, period! In fact, it's going to be so monstrous, so gargantuan, I'm scared I'll never be able to top it! Keep your eyes peeled, because this beast of a mega-article is hitting this site this Saturday. Be warned, though--the traffic might be so thick it might be Monday before you can login to this site to grab it yourself!

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