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Need help with Midway TouchMaster 4000 - Screen Issue

I received it today (I first blogged about it here). The shipping carton was beat up, but it appeared to be OK on the palette. I plugged it in and it worked fine for a few minutes, but then something inside popped and now the screen has a purple rolling hue and you can't see anything but the purple. The touch screen still responds to touch and it still makes noise. Any thoughts on what might have blown? I left it on a bit and it sounded like something else might have blown and it has a more reddish hue now. I turned it off.

I have some photos here of it with the purple hue:

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Help Needed: Advice about New CMS/Blogger Software

Well, as you can plainly see, Armchair Arcade is back to constant "max connections errors" (we love you, Modhost!). Anyway, we've decided to get very serious about moving to another CMS or blog package, and I'd like to get your advice about which one would work better than Drupal, which, unfortunately, needs much better hosting than we can afford to work properly. In Drupal's defense, it seems to do everything we need fairly well (though not perfect), and I'd sure hate to end up with something worse.

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Preserving Armchair Arcade: Town Meeting!

Armchair Arcade is dying and needs your help to survive.

As most of you have no doubt realized, we're been suffering from all kinds of technical problems here at Armchair Arcade. The biggest of these is a surge of "max connections reached" problems with our database. We've been working very closely with our host, Modhost, to resolve these problems. To put it simply, Modhost has been (in the past) very gentle with us when our website went over the limits imposed on database usage, but not any longer. Now, whenever we get too many people using the site at once, we get that nasty database error. According to our stats, we had 3,699 fewer unique visitors last month than the one before, and it doesn't take a genius to figure out why. This problem is killing Armchair Arcade.

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