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Reviews of software, hardware and everything in-between.
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Just got Retro Gamer Collection Vol. 3

The UK magazine Retro Gamer will from time to time publish anthology editions - containing what seems to be the "best of" a set of previous editions. Usually I stay away from these but I have just got vol. 3 of this. It weighs in at 256 pages and costs £10 - but may be a good way of collecting this magazine if not a UK resident as each issue costs around £6.

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Review of Skeleton Key (Insurgent Games, 2009) for the iPod Touch and iPhone (Now with pirates)

After just officially releasing the latest update to Insurgent Games' Skeleton Key, Micah Lee, head of the studio and the game's programmer, was kind enough to send me a promo code so I could do a review. With iTunes being such a hot bed for app development these days and there being countless games available in every possible category and price point, it's not surprising that this is the first time I heard of the game. Since my time is extremely limited these days, I do most of my gaming on the go with my iPhone 3G, so I thought this would be a good opportunity for me to leverage my current situation and put up a review. So, with all that said, exactly what is Skeleton Key?

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Review of Outcry by Phantomery Interactive

I recently completed my advance copy of Phantomery Interactive's Outcry:The Dawn, a 2008 game now being published by Mamba Games under their Odyssia label. Outcry is a great game in the style of Myst, with fun puzzles, a rich story, and creepy, surreal atmosphere.

OutcryOutcryThe story is complex enough that even after finishing the game you may not be quite sure what happened. At least, that's how I ended the game--though this isn't a criticism; indeed, the mysterious and unexplained aspects of the storyline make it even more intriguing to play. Basically, though, we have here a sort of H.P. Lovecraft take on Jules Verne. The protagonist travels to another dimension, which is apparently built of fragments of his own rationality. The game is psychological to the point of having players read snippets of Freud and Yung (as well as experiment with mind-altering chemicals).

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The 8-Bit Book

Just read through Jerry Ellis' 8-Bit Book today (I got signed hardback copy #175/256). If I get time on the weekend I'll do a nice review with some pics..

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A Review of The Void

The Void is a new game developed by a Russian team named Ice-Pick Lodge and imported by Mamba Games, a small publisher dedicated to expanding the genre with truly innovative and distinctive games. The game is set for release on October 16th, 2009, and I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy to review.

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Let's Tap (Sega) for Wii

This is the sort of game I am making a point of supporting. For the uninitiated, this is a 5 mini-game compliation where the player controls everything by tapping. The Wii remote is put on a box (any will do - tissue, chocolate(candy) and you tap the box - the remote picks up the vibes and can differentiate from 3 levels of hardness.

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A video look at the Commodore Amiga CD32

From Oldschoolgamer: A video look, below, at the Commodore CD32 Console. This was a somewhat obscure and unsuccessful console despite actually being an Amiga 1200 computer at heart. Actually, this was the first true standalone 32-bit CD gaming console, but was let down once again by Commodore's lack of marketing and third party inability to take advantage of its capabilities!

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Punch Out & Bit Trip Beat

Recently acquired these two games and they are a perfect example of old game concepts made new with a dose of modern tech. Normally I'm not a fan of this type of thing but it proves the oft-made point that it can work.

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Lifesigns: Hospital Affairs (Nintendo DS)

Spike's LifeSigns: Hospital Affairs for the Nintendo DS is definitely one of the most interesting games I've played on the system. The player is put in the shoes of a Japanese medical intern who is performing his first surgeries.

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