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Exclusive Scan: Geopolitique 1990 (SSI, 1983) - Commodore 64 (C-64) Version

Good news, everyone! I've got a special Armchair Arcade exclusive today. Attached to this very blog post and freely available to download is a nearly complete scan in PDF format of SSI's classic computer strategy game, Geopolitique 1990, from 1983, Commodore 64 (C-64) version. The 31 page PDF clocks in at 35.63 MB and features the box front, box top, box bottom, box side, box back, special notice and registration card, disk and catalog, scratch sheet map from the full notepad (blue), double-sided reference card, and the manual itself. As you can tell, this is the typical pre-1985 SSI deluxe bookshelf (oversized) packaging. If you'd like to play the Apple II version in your browser, you can do so here. Enjoy and let me know what you think of this semi-forensic scan of the game billed as "A Political, Economic & Military Game of World Dominance".

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Your thoughts on the best way to scan or photograph large format print materials?

One of the nice things Matt and I received on our San Francisco visit from one of our interview subjects was extraordinarily rare trade publications from the late 1970s to early 1980s related to things like the videogame and computer industry and CES. These publications feature fascinating ads and articles on many preproduction, unreleased or rare items, for instance Atari's Cosmos tabeltop or Mattel's Keyboard Component. Since I had the task of transporting these back in my suitcase, it now falls upon me to scan these in somehow before mailing them back to their owner. The problem is, these are oversized publications, even well beyond 11" x 17", so no scanner that I know of will accommodate them. So what's the answer? Should I simply carefully use my high resolution digital camera? Is there another answer? Your help is appreciated. Thanks, everyone!

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Family Computing - January 1986 - Volume 4 - Number 1 (104 scanned pages)

Family Computing Magazine Cover - January 1986Family Computing Magazine Cover - January 1986I put this issue up in September of 2004 on my personal Website courtesy of one Mr. Jay Snellen, and thought that since the new Armchair Arcade is so good at indexing things that I'd make mention of it again here on my blog and bring attention to it for those that missed it in the past. I don't know why there is still no online repository of Family Computing issues, but at least there's this one example up. If I can ever gain access to a non-destructive quick and simple scanning process, I'd happily scan my large collection of Family Computing , Electronic Games and countless other information-rich industry magazines from the 1970's - 80's. Family Computing and Electronic Games were invaluable resources to me as a child growing up in the heady days of the first videogame and home computer explosion and it's a shame that each is not readily available to scholars and enthusiasts alike...

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