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Howard Stern Signs New Five Year Deal with Sirius XM - Misses out on Setting New Podcasting Standards

In an interesting turn of events, with only a few shows left on his initial five year Sirius XM contract, Howard Stern announced this morning that he's just signed a new five year deal there, likely bringing him at the age of nearly 62 to what will be the end of his storied radio show as we know it at that time. While many fans such as myself were anxiously waiting to see what Stern would decide since he's just about the only reason left not to listen all but exclusively to podcasts, many of us also thought that it was all but a given he would embark on said podcasting as his new career path. After all, if someone like Adam Carolla can be the biggest name in podcasting right now, someone of Stern's caliber and gravitas would send it through the stratosphere. After all, this is the same Howard Stern and show that helped Sirius go from struggling with 600,000 subscribers and being overshadowed by XM, to now having greater than 20,000,000 subscribers and being the initiator (rather than the recipient) of a merger with XM, which is how it's now Sirius XM. Obviously, faced with the very real prospect of losing countless millions subscribers (me among them) if Stern didn't re-sign, Sirius XM worked extra hard to get a deal done at the last minute. It also sounds like Stern will also get a further reduction in work schedule at some point and finally also be available on the Sirius XM mobile app (with his absence causing many of us not to have bothered with it, particularly with the extra fee post merger).

So why do I bring this up? I was fully expecting the outdated idea of satellite radio - which was a good idea before ubiquitous mobile devices that could either download content or stream content over the Internet - to go the way of the dodo if Stern left and for podcasting to take its rightful place as the premiere form of on demand content distribution (along with live streaming when appropriate). As it is now, Stern bought satellite another five years and that gives Sirius XM five more years to shore up their content and technology when they're faced with inevitably the same issue again they were faced with right up until this morning's official announcement. So, while fans such as myself are satisfied that Stern will be back (albeit under apparently more limited scheduling on an already frustratingly reduced schedule), I believe many of us also have a sense of disappointment that the next five years of his show could have been another revolution and one where he could have truly been the owner and master of his domain. As it stands now, it's business as usual, and that's not the Stern way. At least it wasn't the Stern way. I guess we all lose our edge at some point...

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Breaking News: Opcode Games signs deal with Coleco Holdings for Super Game Module

Exciting news for ColecoVision fans, as Opcode Games' in-development expansion module for the classic platform, which, among several other things, will provide much needed RAM to the 1K console, has been officially blessed by Coleco Holdings, and will leverage the name of Coleco's original advertised - but never released - Super Game Module, a device with which it shares some similarities. Read about it here for the announcement and here for the details on the module. For those interested, one of the first games out of the gate that will make use of the low cost module is Donkey Kong Arcade...

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Little Miss Gamer on Coleco Adam games and abandonware

LOL, pretty funny stuff here, and well produced! Just how cool is Little Miss Gamer, eh? :)

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Lord of the Dungeon - Unreleased Battery Backed Wizardry Type Game for the ColecoVision from 1984

"Lord of the Dungeon" was released in limited quantities as a homebrew back in 2000 from the 1984 unreleased original prototype for the ColecoVision from Probe 2000, which would have been the first ever battery backed cartridge. These are rare, rare images since so few people have it and it's unsupported by any emulator. You can see it would have been a phenomenal Wizardry-like RPG for a console well before anything like it on the NES!

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Another new ColecoVision cartridge released, plus related news

Building on the platforms already impressive homebrew efforts to date, Dale Wick wrote in to tell me that the new ColecoVision mini-games cartridge compilation is now in stock. I already got my order in previously, but now it's available to everyone more easily. When you're there, be sure to check out the info on a second mini-games cartridge and get a sneak peak at early development on a game inspired by Coleco's never developed (but advertised) Dracula game. All the info here.

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Two New Limited Edition Cartridge Games Released for the ColecoVision

Search for the Stolen Crown Jewels (2006) screenshot: ColecoVision - Adam formatSearch for the Stolen Crown Jewels (2006) screenshot: ColecoVision - Adam formatNot much more to say here than in the blurbs provided below, but two new cartridge games, "Search for the Stolen Crown Jewels", which is loosely based on the 1981 Rock-Ola arcade game, "Fantasy", and "Schlange CV", which is a "Snake" remake, are available in cartridge form for the ColecoVision/Adam in limited supply from the Website. Downloadable trial ROM versions provide a nice demo-before-you-buy option in the emulator of your choice or for direct transfer to a flash device.

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