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Streets of Rage Remake: 8 Years in the Making, 1 Week in the Ceasing and Desisting

Streets of LitigationStreets of LitigationThis is a story that's sure to get you upset if you're a fan of remakes: Streets of Rage Fan Remake Taken Down At Sega's Request. It looks like the developer (Bomber Games) really went all-out, adding a HUGE amount of new material. Unfortunately, it all came down immediately after goons at SEGA sent them the old C&D. I came across this news via Rampant Coyote, who has a strong position on the issue--why put all that effort into a risky venture when you obviously have what it takes to make an original title?

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Three for the Road: December 26th, 2010.

Three for the Road[ DEC . 26 . 2010 ]
This week I bring you three great classic game remakes for the PC. First up is the classic Commodore 64/Spectrum shoot'em up/platformer Exolon. Secondly, the very odd Pickford Bro's platformer Zub. Lastly, a remake of the old Commodore 64 shooter Falcon Patrol.

Read more here.

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Custer's Revenge being remade by Rockstar

Will this remake "unmake" Rockstar?Will this remake "unmake" Rockstar?Just heard on the radio that, of all things, Mystique's 1982 game Custer's Revenge is being remade for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC, by none other than Rockstar! Apparently, the company acquired Mystique's IP way back in 2003 and has been sitting on it ever since, and news of their 3D remake has only recently surfaced. The game will obviously arouse great controversy, but it's unclear if even spectacular audiovisuals can make this wretched game playable. For those unaware of the original, the game is "a crude simulation" of one of the most disgusting acts imaginable. It was bad enough even with the highly abstract graphics of the 2600; seeing this game in next gen will be downright horrific.

I, for one, am flabbergasted over this and really wish Rockstar would cool it with the controversy. What next, a remake of Chiller?

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Syndicate Remake?

Just read on Joystiq that a big budget Syndicate remake is in the works. The original was a favorite of mine on the Amiga, so I'm excited to see the news. I hope they will go in the RTS direction rather than try to make an FPS out of it; it seems to me that the original model would work quite well with just a great audiovisual makeover. It might also be nice to ratchet up the number and complexity of the options you had to modify your cyborgs--and, by all means, keep the dark and brooding ambiance.

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New Freeware Sword of Fargoal Remake

Fans of Jeff McCord's classic Sword of Fargoal will be pleased to hear of a new freeware remake called Dungeons of Fargoal. I'm not sure how this version stacks up with the authorized shareware remake ($10 for Mac or Windows), but if you're up for some fairly addictive hack and slash, here's your chance. I'll never forget those creepy sounds on the C-64 version...Duuuunnn dum. Duuuuuun dum. Try out the remake and let us know what you think! Link via Indepedent Gaming.

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