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Virtual Apple 2 Browser Emulator and ROM Repository Now Supports Firefox! (Apple II, IIgs)

Hardball on the Apple IIgsHardball on the Apple IIgsBill Martens, who runs the superb "Virtual Apple 2 - Online disk archive" has informed me that the site now supports Firefox. Previously the Website only supported Internet Explorer. For those not familiar with the Website, it allows you to play Apple II and IIgs games directly in your browser. No fuss, no muss, and it's fairly configurable to boot. As a bonus, the site also gives you access to the ROM images for use in another emulator or for transfer to your real Apple system. While my preferred way is to of course play these games on the real hardware, nothing beats the immediacy of a well functioning browser-based emulator that already has the ROMs, as it's invaluable for quick reference and screenshot captures. Check it out at http://www.virtualapple.org/.

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Apple II (2) News and Notes for August 2006

Apple //c Cable Connection Photo from Brendan Robert's "Apple Game Server"Apple //c Cable Connection Photo from Brendan Robert's "Apple Game Server"

A2 News and Notes August, 2006

* Old Computer, New Clone
* Phoenix Wings
* Solid-State Work
* Another Anniversary
* We're Number 1!
* Prairie Home Changeover
* Plug In, Tune Out?
* Hacking Around
* File Storage
* Software News

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