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Where Did You Play Your Arcade Games?

What Arcade-games did you use to play? When did you play them? And where? In the Arcades or somewhere else?

Interghost did a great video on it and made it a TAG:
This is my response to it. If you don't know Interghost yet - please go check out his video and channel.

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I just looked down and thought about my mousepad for a moment. It's got a cow-print design and it says "GATEWAY 2000". I realized, wow, this must be from before the year 2000, then, and looked it up. Sure enough, Gateway Computers dropped the 2000 in 1998, which means that I bought this, my most recent mouse pad, in or before 1998.

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The 25 Greatest Home Computers--According to PC Magazine

PC World is running an extensive feature called The 25 Greatest PCs of All Time. While I'm a bit skeptical of any such list that doesn't include the Commodore 64 (the list editors seem to think the Commodore Amiga 1000 was a "much better computer"), it nevertheless describes several interesting machines.

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