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YouTube Spotlight on Under-Viewed Retrogaming Channels

Hi, folks. One of my friends at YouTube recently posted a video that I wanted to publicize because I agree with it so strongly. The idea is that there are some really great YouTube channels out there focused on retrogaming, but their audiences are ridiculously small given their quality. So, I've posted the original video here along with representative videos of all the guys n8great321 mentions plus a few of my personal favorites. Check them out and subscribe if you like what you see! Also, let us know about your favorite YouTube retrogaming channels.

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Armchair Arcade YouTube Group

Hi, all. We recently created a YouTube Group to collect all of our AA and related videos in one convenient spot. Join today! Also, don't forget we have a presence on Facebook, both with individual pages and an Armchair Arcade group.

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Matt Chat 26: Ghostbusters (Activision)

Hi, everyone. I'm back with another Matt Chat - this time looking at David Crane's Ghostbusters for the Commodore 64. If you're a fan of the movie or game, be sure to check it out! I think you'll like what I put together for this one.

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Matt Chat 25: Knights of the Old Republic

Hi, folks. This week I look at another of my favorite CRPGs, Bioware's Knights of the Old Republic.

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Matt Chat on Star Control II

Hi, folks. This week I look at one of those great DOS games from the early 90s--Star Control II.

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Matt Chat 21: Super Mario Kart and the Kart Racing Genre

This week's Matt Chat is about Super Mario Kart, the game that popularized the "kart racing genre" in which popular characters (from games or elsewhere) race each other in go-carts. The video covers several games that it was inspired by, as well as some it inspired. Enjoy!

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Matt Chat 19: Gauntlet

Here it is guys, the long-awaited 19th episode of Matt Chat featuring "Gauntlet" from Atari games. I learned a lot about the game in preparing this video, particularly that it was basically a rip-off of an earlier Atari 8-bit game called "Dandy," which had an almost identical setup.

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Matt Chat 14: The Lost Vikings!

This week's Matt Chat is about The Lost Vikings, one of my personal favorites. I originally played this game on the Amiga, but it was designed for the SNES. Enjoy, and please let me know what you think! I am taking suggestions for future episodes, so please let me know your ideas. I'd love to read them!

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Matt Chat 13: Adventure for the Atari 2600

You asked for it, you got it! Matt Chat #13 is Adventure for the Atari 2600, programmed by Warren Robinette. Enjoy!

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