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Wii Fit Plus Review by WiiFitNizzle

I thought you guys might get a kick out of my students' latest YouTube video. These guys and gals are having such a blast in my English 403/503 class (Computers & English), and I'll be damned if they aren't making videos that are just as good if not better than most anything else on Youtube. Check it out, and please give them a comment or two if you like what you see.

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Matt Chat 39: World of Warcraft MMORPG Double Feature

Hi, guys. I'm back this week with my first two-parter. The first part offers a brief glimpse of pre-WoW MMOs, including muds, Forgotten World (Neverwinter Nights Online), Meridian 59, Everquest, and of course lots of WoW footage. The second part is a "live" recording of my friend Max Shelton and I doing a short quest and discussing the game. Enjoy!

Part One:

Part Two:

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Matt Chat 36: Starcraft and the RTS Genre

In this week's episode, I review Blizzard's 1998 masterpiece Starcraft, widely considered the best real-time strategy game ever made.

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YouTube Gaming Channel Extravaganza

YouTuber Ianwilson1978 just posted a "500 Subscriber Special" that shows off about a bazillion YouTube channels dedicated to gaming (most of them retrogaming). Considering how much work went into this video, it's no wonder that he was able to get so many subscribers! Just imagine how much you could learn about gaming just by watching a single video from each of the channels he shows in the video! I had no idea there were so many of these channels...This community is really growing fast!

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The History of System Shock 2

Irrational Games' System Shock 2 is a cult classic hybrid game that straddles several genres: FPS, RPG, and action adventure. It also boasts an amazing science fiction story and some seriously spooky ambiance. In this episode, I offer the history of the game, showing how it can trace its lineage back to Ultima Underworld, a game with which it shares some very intriguing parallels. Like UU, SS2 was not originally conceived as a sequel, nor did it sell very well despite becoming very popular and influential later on. See below for info about getting the game working in Vista 64.

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Finding Armchair Arcade on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

In an effort to embrace complete accessibility, we've created a greater Armchair Arcade presence on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Check out our Facebook fan page, Facebook discussion group, the Armchair Arcade Twitter feed, and our YouTube video channel. If you'd like to contact me (Bill Loguidice), Matt Barton, or Mark Vergeer, be sure to check out our About Us page. Let us know how all the various methods work so we can iron out all of the kinks. Enjoy!

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How to Avoid Drama on YouTube

I had originally posted this list on another thread, but decided it was worth its own post. Please let me know what you think! My guess is that following these tips would really be helpful for anyone considering uploading videos to YouTube or trying to join the community. Although I'm fairly new to YouTube myself, I was able to compile these tips by reading articles, talking to fellow tubers, and of course watching the results of such drama in many videos on the site.

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Matt Chat 29: Wizardry!

This week, I cover Wizardry, one of the earliest and most influential CRPGs ever made! Enjoy! Also, don't forget to subscribe to Armchair Arcade's new YouTube video feed!

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