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Commodore World 2012 Videos Online

I admit I've been out of touch on the Commodore scene for a while... basically because my system finally smoked. :( Still, I figured I would throw this link out to interested parties..

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Welcome to my new channel!

Welcome to the new channel. A (retro)gaming, technology, gadget and science based channel by a guy who also loves music, movies and the outdoors.

Subscribing to all my previous subscriptions may take a while as YouTube has put a CAP on the number of channels you can subscribe to per day. So I have to slowly work my way back up. So if you noticed I haven't subscribed to you again it's because of YT being a pain when it comes to subscribing to folk.

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Matt Chat 88: Decapitating the Donimator

Don's back this week with--er, wait? Who is that? Adam (Interghost)? And Matt doesn't seem to be himself--he seems a bit, well, WEIRD. Look, I can't summarize this, so check it out for yourself.

Download the audio here (also available on iTunes).

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YouTube Rejects Matt Chat for Partnership

YouTube finally got around to sending me an email today concerning the application for a partnership I put in months ago. Here's what they said:

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Editing the Dead -- Choose Your Own Adventure YouTube Game

Wow! I just saw this on Gamesetwatch and had to share. Some clever folks have remixed the original George Romero zombie classic into a playable YouTube "choose your own adventure" style game. It's really creative and fun to boot. It's a good thing the movie is in the public domain! Be sure to check it out.

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Matt and Bill Mentioned in VintageVideogameGeek's 2000 Video

Vintage Videogame Geek has posted a 2000 sub video that does a good job introducing several prominent retrogaming channels on YouTube. While I don't normally post this kind of thing, I think the video is generally interesting to anyone who's curious about the retrogaming video community. Plus, it's well produced and funny! Hope you enjoy it and discover some new channels.

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Matt Chat 45: Rogue

Here's the latest episode, this time on Rogue.

Lots of good comments coming in already suggesting great roguelikes. You should also check out our earlier article/bonus chapter The History of Rogue: Have @ You, You Deadly Zs. I point you specifically to the comments on that article, many of which come from the original developers! Amazing stuff.

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Matt Chat 42: Dragon Age Origins

This week, I look at Bioware's new Dragon Age: Origins, a smash hit to join the ranks of earlier hits like Jade Empire and Knights of the Old Republic. Dragon Age: Origins is a dream come true for many fans of older, more tactically-oriented RPGs, though we're still far from the turn-based micromanagement of games like Pool of Radiance or Wizard's Crown. What I particularly like about DA:O is the emphasis on characters' feelings--which include romance and "adult situations!" Enjoy.

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Matt Chat 41: The Story of Cinemaware with Bob Jacob

Hi, all. I'm back this week with an exclusive interview with Bob Jacob, co-founder of Cinemaware. Cinemaware is on my shortlist of best developers and made several of the Amiga's greatest hits. In the interview, Bob talks about everything from the importance of Deluxe Paint to his love for chesty women. It's great stuff for anyone even remotely interested in the Amiga or cinema-inspired games.

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Matt Chat 40: Sword of Fargoal - Interview with Jeff McCord

Hi, guys! I have a special treat for you this week--a SKYPE interview with Jeff McCord, author of Sword of Fargoal! This is one of my favorite CRPGs, and Jeff did a fantastic job detailing the history of his game and what makes it so special. Check it out, and also check out the awesome SoF contest--be the first to find the Sword of Fargoal, and win $500!

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