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Rogue: The Procedurally Generated CRPG

Ah, yes, it's time to start thinking about the Rogue chapter of Vintage Gaming. Of course, I covered this game briefly in D&D, but want to develop a different sort of idea of the game for this project. We've already covered Diablo in another chapter, so I don't think there'll be a great need to dwell on that relationship.

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Paladins Legacy

The author of a Tandy Coco RPG, Paladin's Legacy has made it available.

Check out

Check it out;

Title Screen
Paladins Legacy Title ScreenPaladins Legacy Title Screen

Paladins Legacy DungeonPaladins Legacy Dungeon


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Breaking News: Author of PEDIT5 speaks out!

I have exciting news for fans of computer role-playing games and readers of my book on the topic, Dungeons & Desktops. Rusty Rutherford, creator of PEDIT5, the first CRPG we know about, has contacted me via email to tell his story. I've printed it below for all to enjoy, and I'd sure like to get some discussion going here about this all-important first for the computer games industry. I encourage you to read the "dark ages" chapter before reading the below, unless you're already familiar with PLATO and that era of computing.

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Dungeons & Desktops on Slashdot!

Thanks to Bill L. for letting me know that my book is now on Slashdot Book Reviews. The reviewer, Mr. Michael Fiegel, does an excellent job covering the book's, well, coverage, and says that he finds it informative and entertaining. While he doesn't give the book a perfect score (again, the subject of the muddy screenshots rears its ugly head), he still recommends the book to anyone who likes fantasy and RPGs. On more personal notes, I recently received my first official fan email from a guy living in Greece, who says he loved the book because it brought back so many memories to him of playing these games as a teenager.

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7th Link

I started playing the 7th Link last night to get a feel for it, to see if this is the game I'd like to blog next.

It feels big, and from some of the meager info I can find online, I don't really know if I want to spend the '200 hours'! required to play the game. Thats a lot of hours and I'm sporadic at best to playing.

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Future of Single Player CRPGs

Want to make a good single player CRPG?Want to make a good single player CRPG?Probably the hardest part of my new book to write was the conclusion, where I tried to think about the future of our favorite genre: the standalone, single-player CRPG. That genre includes all the classic Ultimas, Bard's Tale, Gold Box games, and so on. It's all the genre that has suffered the most attrition from game developers and publishers, though the better ones still attract mainstream attention (Oblivion, Mass Effect). What I want to do here is focus on a few subgenres, if you will, that to my mind have the best chance of thriving in the current market. I will naturally focus on PC games, though where possible these concepts could be applied to any of the new consoles.

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Wizard's Crown Chronicles (03) - The Beginning

(See the prior entries in this ongoing feature)

NOTE: The format of these for now are going to be the REVIEW (semi-walkthrough) portion first, followed by the STORY (fictionalization) portion. Each portion is stand alone and I'll separate them with headers.


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A Look at GNU-Licensed CRPGs (Free Stuff!)

I see that Free Software Magazine has finally put up Computer Role-Playing Games for GNU/Linux, an article I wrote that peeks into the surprisingly active world of free CRPGs.

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Wizard's Crown Chronicles (02) - The Setup Part III (Final)

(See The premise at the end of this posting for details on this ongoing feature)
OK, I'm sure you're getting tired of "setup" at this point, but this is finally it. Frankly, it was bothering me that I'd have to type on the same system I was using as a display that I was also capturing direct images and videos on, so I decided to be a bit technically poor and split the composite video/mono audio signals coming from the C-128D into two outputs. There appears to be little-to-no noticeable degradation, so there you go. This will now allow me to be as "authentic" as I prefer to be, meaning I'll be playing "Wizard's Crown" on a real Commodore 8-bit system with a vintage monitor, while still having full capture capability on my laptop.

So, once and for all, here are the specs for the review and chronicle:

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Gates of Delirium Live - Post 1

BL: Welcome to yakumo9275's (Stu) ongoing "Gates of Delirium Live" recounting of his play through this obscure Computer Role Playing Game for the Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computer, released in 1987 from Diecom. Post 1:

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