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Joy-it Mini Android PC Gameplay and Emulation - a preview of an Ouya-esque experience?

I was blown away by the performance of this 75 Euro Mini Android 4.0.4 stick sporting a 1Ghz CPU and 1Gb of RAM. It also has 4Gb of internal storage and the capacity to run a MicroSD stick with a maximum capacity of 32Gb. Read more below.

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A Console is a Hard Drive with Games on it!

I saw this blog posted on Digg and thought I'd put it up here for folks to wince at. It concerns a television show named "Life" that recently had a segment involving Prince of Persia.

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R.I.P. Mr Wizard

I'm sure I'm not the only Armchair Arcader mourning the loss of Mr. Wizard today. Though his early shows were before my time, I did watch him frequently on Nickelodeon, and was always fascinated to think about how many magical things you could do with common household items.

G-Phoria 2006 Awards - Vote Today!

Head on over to G4TV's website and vote for your favorite games of the year. Sure, this television awards show had a rough start but it looks like it's the closest we'll get to a respected televised awards show recognizing excellence in gaming, if you ignore all the blatant corporate sponsorship. Besides, it's really

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