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Where the Customer is Always Gullible: GameStop (+ Amazing Ping Pong)

Fight the Power.Fight the Power.I've got some fun stuff to put on your queue this morning. First, read this story about a mangled high-pressure sales tactic at a Louisiana GameStop (did you know I was from Louisiana?). Sadly, I've encountered "porcine" salesmen like this at plenty of other software stores, including Best Buy and Circuit City ("No, I do NOT want a mega-extended super warranty or a free subscription to Better Homes and Gardens.") Come to think of it, Radio Shack is pretty bad about the high-pressure stuff, too. They need my mailing address why? When's the last time you had a "helpful associate" try to load you up with overpriced junk? Worse yet, how many times have you let your excitement over a purchase swing you into actually complying with his or her evil wishes?

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