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What's your favorite vintage computer company?

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Classic Gaming Stop-Motion Video: Mmmm....Yummy.

Well, I've seen my share of strange YouTubes, but Game Over deserves a prize for inventiveness. The director has managed to recreate scenes from Centipede, Asteroids, Pac-Man, Frogger, and Space Invaders with stop-motion photography, food, and a great deal of odds and ends he must have had lying around the house. It's actually quite entertaining, but of course, I'm wondering when he'll take the next step and actually remake these games using his graphics. That would definitely make for a surreal experience. Check out the video at the link above or below the fold here.

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Alan Kotok, Computer Gaming Pioneer, Dies at 64

Alan Kotok, computer game pioneer and contributor to the early computer game SpaceWar!, died today of a heart attack at the age of 64. Though Kotok didn't contribute any code directly to Steve Russell's all-important computer game, he did help out with the critical sine and cosine functions necessary for the game's mechanics. You can read a bit about Kotok at Wikipedia and ZDnet.

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Acorn is Back!

Acorn BBC Micro: An ad for the BBC Micro. Source: WikipediaAcorn BBC Micro: An ad for the BBC Micro. Source: Wikipedia Unfortunately, I don't have any experience and very little knowledge of Acorn Computers, the company responsible for such venerable British machines as the Atom and BBC Micro. Well, perhaps I'll get my chance behind an Acorn after all: The company is rolling out a line of Notebook PC's. There isn't much info yet about these machines, but I suspect the only thing unique about them will be the brand name. I know I'd still like to have a Commodore branded laptop! Link via Engadget.

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