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Nothing Adds Up & The Dice Are Loaded - part 1 of ?

Hello everyone. I'm back after another long hiatus, brought on by that pesky "Real Life" stuff. This time, I'm coming at you with another multi-part article. In it, I want to discuss two concepts which should be near and dear to any gamer's heart:

  • Zero-sum games, or zero-sum outcomes
  • The danger and difficulty of "Truly Random"

In the past several weeks I've become hopelessly obsessed with these two concepts. I've thought about them so much, and contemplated how they fit (and how they don't fit) into my concepts of "Good Game Design", that I'm practically humming with nerdly thought-energy. I'm also itching to get as much feedback and as many opinions on the issue as I can. So please chime in with your thoughts, your experiences, and any anecdotes and stories which you can muster.

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The Best-Selling Computer and Console Games has a great list of best-selling computer and console games that's well worth a look if you're curious about the sales figures of your favorite games. While it'd probably be a stretch to call this the "definitive" list, my guess is that it's about the best we're likely to see until software retailers start keeping (and reporting) more accurate figures. I commend them for doing an excellent job. There are listings here for a large number of systems, including the Atari 2600. Check it out!

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