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The Gamer's Pad: What's your choice for optimum mousing?

XT-R Pad: The Maximum Pad for Your MouseXT-R Pad: The Maximum Pad for Your MouseI was reading this review on QPAD's XT-R "gamer's mousepad" and got to wondering about mouse pads in general. What's your preferred mousing surface? I know plenty of folks with high-end mice who seem quite content to go padless (geez, that sounds funny!), or at best the cheapest aquarium printed one they can find at Wal-Mart. Others insist on pads with gel wrist rests, whereas I own a FlexiGlow just because my wife thought it matched my Saitek gamer's keyboard. However, there does seem to be a niche market for innovative mouse pads. Some of the most popular ones are the aforementioned QPAD line, but there are also sleek models from Steel Pad and Ice Mat. Some of these pads ($40, anyone?) are as much as a mouse!

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