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SLUBAN building blocks, how do they stack up - a cheap LEGO Alternative or more?

SLUBAN building blocks is a product made in China and it is a direct competitor to the well known LEGO building blocks. I got three boxes from three different series and I just was very curious after the quality and how it compares with LEGO. Just a first look!

Mind you it is NOT LEGO but actually both will fit on each other without any problems. That is a good thing when you want to mix up LEGO and SLUBAN. SLUBAN blocks are more lightweight but they stack and unstack as well as LEGO blocks. The material used is lighter and that is especially noticable in the smaller pieces which can be a little flimsy but still they make good toys for kids. The material is nice and shiny and quite scratch resistent like the LEGO blocks. The blocks are formed very consistent and look well made. Good moulds were used and the plastic although lightweight is sturdy and seems of a good quality. Apart from the weight the looks and designs seem close to LEGO quality.

Still a very nice affordable alternative to LEGO with some nice designs and series. I'd seriously consider going for SLUBAN. Especially for the price which is really good compared to what you get for your money. Quite a few of the designs are military, police, army themed but more child-friendly themes do exist.

There's also a SLUBAN Big Blocks LEGO DUPLO alternative for the very small ones.

The Treasure seeker plane - €3,59
Artikelnummer: M38-B0162

Redcliff Asian Soldier cart - €3,99
Artikelnummer: M38-B0259

Sluban Resque Team Helicopter with 4 figurines - €5,99
Artikelnummer: M38-B0102

So all these toysets for under € 12,00

Score SLUBAN 7-8/10, LEGO 9/10



Sorry for continuously comparing this with LEGO but that is what I was exposed to myself as a kid and as I am looking for stuff to have in the house for my nephews to play with I was pleasantly surprised by this brand.

Bill Loguidice's picture Updates Featuring Lego Mindstorms NXT and BattleKits

Lego Mindstorms NXT Robot CreationBoy, the Lego Mindstorms NXT is looking cooler and cooler. I still have the original kit and won't be getting this one for quite some time until I break the seal on that one, but this one sure looks great for those who don't already have something like this or want something especially hardcore.

From the Newsletter:

============================================= Newsletter – November 21, 2006
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Hacking Robot Vacuums and other Thoughts on Personal Robotics

As a lifetime technophile primarily interested in computers and videogames, another area that has always intrigued me, but been generally hands-off due to the various barriers to entry, is home robotics. There were some delightful robots and kits in the early to mid-80's to go along with the personal computer boom. However, the personal robotics boom was short lived and ultimately a much smaller niche than even the fledgling personal computer business at the time, dooming them to the domain of the truly hardcore. Today, toy and personal robots and robot kits from the likes of Tomy and Heathkit are still very much in demand. Much more recently, Lego made a strong impact in the home robotics and hobbyist field with their Mindstorms technology and Radio Shack carries an aggressive line of kit robots and accessories. Bottom line, today hobbyist robotics is stronger than ever and more practical than ever, though is still awaiting that "killer app" to truly push it into the mainstream.

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