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The Rise and Fall of the IFF Format

AmigaAmigaWow, the Amiga news just keeps on rolling in today. Well, this isn't precisely Amiga news, even though that's the first thing that pops into my mind when I hear the word "IFF." IFF, or interchange file format, was developed by Electronic Arts in 1985 in its bid for world supremacy. It became a very important format on the Amiga platform for images of all sorts. Indeed, jpeg and gif support was a long time coming to the Amiga, which was a definite problem during the early days of the Web for Amigans. Anyway, IBM has published a very nice page about IFF, and makes a surprising and evocative claim: The Interchange File Format (IFF) standard is widely regarded as long dead, and indeed, no one uses it anymore, except that nearly everyone uses it sometimes.

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