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PR: Cloanto Releases Amiga Forever 2009

I just got this press release in and thought it important enough to share right away for all of you Commodore Amiga and would-be/should-be Commodore Amiga fans. This is a great LEGAL emulation package based on a legendary platform for modern PCs and well worth checking out. I'll try to have some type of review up soon.


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Amiga Forever 2006 Released

AmigaAmigaOne of the most frequently asked questions on this site concerns Amiga emulation. Those of who were lucky enough to have Amigas growing up love to talk about how advanced and ahead-of-their-time these multitasking masterpieces really were. This kind of talk tends to get folks interested, but when they try to get an emulator like WinUAE working on their PC, they're flummoxed. Where are those ROMs??? Furthermore, even died-in-the-wool Amigans may find it tricky to dump the ROMs and get everything running smoothly. Well, one turnkey solution to the whole mess is offered by Cloanto and Amiga Forever, who have just released the 2006 Edition of their Amiga emulator. The price for the online edition is $30, which you can download and have running in minutes. Cloanto has been doing some great work for the Amiga community, and I'm excited about the enhancements to this commercial emulator. I'm downloading my copy at the moment and will hopefully have a review up soon! Press release follows the fold.

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