2-D gaming

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The Most Beautiful 2-D Games

Shadow of the Beast: 2-D Graphic GoodnessShadow of the Beast: 2-D Graphic GoodnessGameDaily is running a special called Top Five Most Gorgeous 2D Games. Topping off the list is the Guilty Gear franchise, one of the few fighting games I've completed. Perhaps I'm biased, though, but I would've felt compelled to include some of Psygnosis' games for the Amiga platform, particularly the Shadow of the Beast series, though I agree that Yoshi's Island is a very aesthetically pleasing game. If you feel the need to cleanse your palate after all these 2-D titles, check out this new Far Cry footage. I really enjoyed the first Far Cry and will probably get this one when it comes out, assuming my computer can run it without tanking. The idea of destroying trees and houses has appeal! Perhaps more fun than killing AI soldiers...!

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