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What would you like to see more of at Armchair Arcade?

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Special thanks to Charlie Lowe

I just wanted to let everyone know how much Dr. Charlie Lowe helped out with the upgrading of this site. Charlie upgraded us from the old Drupal to 5.x, and even archived our old site using httrack (which we hope to get up soon).

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Upcoming Features on Armchair Arcade

Greetings, Armchair Arcaders! A few weeks ago I announced that something big was about to hit the 'cade. Did you think I was lying? Well, you didn't after I delivered with The Early History of CRPGs, the first of a 3-part series. Well, the article was so over-the-top that commercial site GamaSutra bought the next two installments! But don't sweat it--after they've debuted and remained on that site for two weeks, I'll be publishing them here on Armchair Arcade for all our loyal fans to enjoy on their favorite site. In the meantime, I wanted to let you in on a little secret--I'm planning to give the same treatment to another of my favorite genres, the graphical adventure game (i.e., the "GAG"). However, it's no GAG that this article will become THE article on the subject, starting off with such venerable old classics like Mystery House, The Hobbit, and Time Zone. That's right, I'm going to write the history of this fascinating genre! Monkey Island, Sam and Max, Space Quest, Myst--are you quivering yet? We'll wrap up the first installment with the debut of the King's Quest series in 1983, the game that really got the GAG ball rolling.

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Look Out! Here comes the Mother of All Retrogaming Articles!

Do you like reading Armchair Arcade retro feature articles, loaded with hard-to-find information and first-hand experience? Do you get giddy reading articles that you know only a truly dedicated (some might say obsessed!) retrogamer could ever dream to write? Do you say "AMEN" when you see something in our articles that you know you would never read elsewhere, because those other youngster "critics" have never actually played the games they attempt to write about? If so, keep your eye on this site this weekend. Better yet, just open the site and leave it up! I'm rolling out what I honestly think is my best-ever article, period! In fact, it's going to be so monstrous, so gargantuan, I'm scared I'll never be able to top it! Keep your eyes peeled, because this beast of a mega-article is hitting this site this Saturday. Be warned, though--the traffic might be so thick it might be Monday before you can login to this site to grab it yourself!

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Help Needed: Advice about New CMS/Blogger Software

Well, as you can plainly see, Armchair Arcade is back to constant "max connections errors" (we love you, Modhost!). Anyway, we've decided to get very serious about moving to another CMS or blog package, and I'd like to get your advice about which one would work better than Drupal, which, unfortunately, needs much better hosting than we can afford to work properly. In Drupal's defense, it seems to do everything we need fairly well (though not perfect), and I'd sure hate to end up with something worse.

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Free Shipping at Armchair Arcade's Two Merchandise Shops - Limited Time

From November 6th - 19th, you can get free shipping on all purchases over $25 at the two Armchair Arcade Merchandise stores in our "Merchandise and Special Offers" section. The maximum discount our shop partner provides is $5 and you must use the coupon code FREESHIPPING06 at checkout. Enjoy!

Our standard shop is here and the design-your-own shop is here.

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Help Us Select Armchair Arcade's New Logo

[NOTE: This will be updated as new entries are submitted!]
Number 8Number 8Do you have ideas for Armchair Arcade's new logo? Do you know someone who would like to design a logo for us to look at? What follows are some very rough ideas of our own. It would be great if we could all work together to see what we like and dislike about various concepts and ideas. As we get closer to issue 8 and our first print issue, it's important we finalize a really clever logo design. The only requirement is that like the current placeholder logo, it has "Armchair" on top and "Arcade" on the bottom, and we're allowed to use it for any purpose without restriction. Bonus points for "Videogames and Computers" under the logo. Of course it needs to be a high resolution original file, preferably vector, or something we could recreate ourselves if it's not. Bonus points from me if it can somehow relay that we're about both Videogames AND Computers, and bonus, bonus points tying together classic, modern and future. If videogame-like characters could somehow interact with the Logo, even better, though they'd have to be original for us to use them. While we can't give anything away at this time, we'll give full credit for full usage rights and maybe something like a signed copy of our first print issue. Thanks!

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