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One Paragraph Short Stories - Every Submission in One Post

A little while back I had asked everyone to participate in a little off-topic idea based around the concept of "One Paragraph Short Stories". We received six total submissions, re-posted here all at once in reverse order in their final versions for your reading convenience. Enjoy and thanks! (NOTE: If there are any "last minute" entries, I'll be happy to add them in)

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Science Fiction Short Story Coming to Armchair Arcade!

Greetings, Armchair Arcaders and all of our beloved readers! I have some great news: Within a few weeks you're going to see something at Armchair Arcade that you've never seen before--a science fiction short story! Don't adjust your resolution, you read it right: in addition to all of the great news and feature articles about classic and modern gaming you've come to expect from your favorite website, we're bringing you the most exciting short stories you've ever read--or my name isn't Matt Barton! The first story in the queue is "Jumpman," a bold tale about a reluctant space-faring young man who finds himself embroiled in a mystery of universal (or should I say, multi-dimensional) proportions. You'll be clawing at your keyboard in anticipation of what will happen next in this amazing story! And wait until you get to the surprise ending--nothing can possibly prepare you for it! If you have any interest whatsoever in science fiction or just flat out good story-telling, don't miss it.

Don't be the chump that hears about Jumpman secondhand--stay tuned to this website, and grab it the nanosecond it hits the net!

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Matt's Weekly Retro Link Trawl & Shameless Gift Grubbing

I realize that most fans of Armchair Arcade appreciate in-depth editorials and feature articles, but sometimes it's fun just to see what's going on in other sectors of cyberspace. It's also a good idea to start thinking about gifts for the holidays (if you haven't already), especially for those "special someones" who write great blog posts for you to read each week!

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How to Build the Best Paper Airplane Possible

The Ultimate Paper AirplaneThe Ultimate Paper AirplaneI just saw this site on Digg and thought I'd share it with my friends here at AA. I don't know about you, but I spent an inordinate amount of time as a kid building paper airplanes, always trying to find the right combination of folds, cuts, and creases to make the ultimate paper craft. How about you? However, my finest models didn't look anything like this masterpiece. The site takes you through each step of making your own "DC-3," including instructions on how to fly it once it's complete. There's even a Google Video to help you visualize it. I hope someone here will build this plane and consider filming it for You Tube! (hint hint!)

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