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Summer Holiday Portable Gaming 2012

My games on the iPad while vacationing...This time no Pandora, PSP, DS or 3DS for my portable gaming needs.
Suffice to say that my phone more or less features the same setup.

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Ancient Greeks, Modern Fun

I've been reading some good books lately about the subject of fun and videogames, such as Koster's Theory of Fun and McGonigal's Reality is Broken, plus whatever I see cropping up on Google Reader. Anyway, I've been studying their definitions and trying to come up with a synthesis, plus adding in a few things of my own from my studies of Ancient Greece. Needless to say, almost everything these authors feel is new or original is just the latest incarnation of things taught by Aristotle and Plato.

These are some thoughts I'm trying to work up into a book project, but there's a few of the core concepts.

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Your Game Sucks! (Accepting Nominations)

Sorry. It just does!Sorry. It just does!Hi, guys. I wanted to run an idea past you for a fun podcast segment--"Your Game Sucks!" The idea is to take an indie game and explain (in a humorous way) why it sucks. It may sound mean, but the idea is actually to win it some publicity, and the criticisms will be over-the-top. Think of it more as teasing or satire than genuine insults or criticism.

Anyway, I know Chip has been covering a lot of games in his amazing "Three for the Road" series, so let me know what you'd like me to do. I'm thinking I could cover three per episode for Armchair Arcade Radio. (I'd love to make this a joint segment, but still working on that). I also think it'd be hilarious to get some of the designers in the segment, too, reacting (in character, of course) to the ridiculousness.

So, in general what do you think of the idea, and secondly, what games would you like to see bashed? Remember that this is current indie games, not big-budget stuff or abandonware.

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The Game You Wish You'd Played Back Then: A Personal Question

Blade of Blackpoole: Awesome for '83. But now?Blade of Blackpoole: Awesome for '83. But now?Here's a question I've been pondering today: : If you could alter your history so that you could have played any game that you missed when it was new--what would you choose? For instance, maybe you missed out on a game because of your chosen platform or inability to upgrade--such as the early Amiga or Atari ST hits. Or maybe you took too long to move to DOS and missed out on the DOOM era. Then again, maybe it was CD-ROM games that slipped past you, and you didn't play MYST until long after the excitement died down.

The reason I ask is that we all know it's just not the same to play these games for the first time today. If you didn't play Ultima back in the 80s, you're very unlikely to appreciate it now. The same goes for just about any early classic; even Pac-Man and Tetris were probably much more impressive and mind-blowing back when they were released. No matter how we try to immerse ourselves and overlook the "limitations" of the era, it's still difficult to really appreciate them.

So what game would you choose? If you're having a hard time deciding, make it a top five or ten list.

I can't wait to read your responses!


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One Paragraph Videogame Back Story Short Stories - Every Submission in One Post!

Just like we did with our previous one paragraph short story series, I wanted to get all of the entries in our latest one paragraph short story contest in one posting, this one. If you recall, the theme was fanciful videogame back stories and one lucky participant was eligible for a prize. While some of the Armchair Arcade staff participated, we were naturally not eligible for the contest. After the votes were counted, Craig A. Meyer's Donkey Kong took the prize and his story was featured in Episode 4 of our Armchair Arcade Radio podcast. Now here for your convenient reading pleasure are all eight entries in the reverse order they were submitted:

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Fun in Games: It's Social All the Way Down

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about what makes games fun. I've read quite a bit on the topic, including Raph Koster's A Theory of Fun for Game Design, and of course there are plenty of great articles on Gamasutra and in Game Developer magazine. However, it seems most people who bother with the subject end up with some very general criteria (just challenging enough, lots of rewards, etc.) rather than contexts. My primary thought here is that whether a game is fun or not may have little to do with the actual game. Rather, it's the context of the game and the gamer that's important. Even something like good marketing and packaging can have more to do with making the game fun than anything done by the developers or designers. However, the focus here will be on the social contexts that are often taken for granted by even the best game designers.

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The Ballad of G.I. Joe!

This is just awesome lol! Would of been great either way but add the fact that there are some real actors like Billy Crudup/Jullianne Moore/Vinnie Jones and this is an unexpected gem!

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WHY do we collect classic games?

Hey guys! Another video this time a response to an awesome question "Why do we collect Classic games?"
Please chime in with your own response and opinions THANKS!

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Can you guess what's missing? (Heathkit H8)

Filed strictly under "fun" rather than a true contest, I was wondering if anyone can figure out the one (1) thing missing from this highly collectible Heathkit H8 computer system. The fact that the top cover is missing does not count, since I removed it so the inside of the system could be seen. In actuality, this unit is self-contained and ready to function as intended save for one key item. First correct answer to describe that key item gets a round of applause from all AA'rs and admiration from your fellow geeks everywhere!

You can view the images here. I highly recommend that after you click on an individual photo in the set that you go to "All Sizes" and pick "Original Size" to get the maximum detail.

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