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SLUBAN building blocks, how do they stack up - a cheap LEGO Alternative or more?

SLUBAN building blocks is a product made in China and it is a direct competitor to the well known LEGO building blocks. I got three boxes from three different series and I just was very curious after the quality and how it compares with LEGO. Just a first look!

Mind you it is NOT LEGO but actually both will fit on each other without any problems. That is a good thing when you want to mix up LEGO and SLUBAN. SLUBAN blocks are more lightweight but they stack and unstack as well as LEGO blocks. The material used is lighter and that is especially noticable in the smaller pieces which can be a little flimsy but still they make good toys for kids. The material is nice and shiny and quite scratch resistent like the LEGO blocks. The blocks are formed very consistent and look well made. Good moulds were used and the plastic although lightweight is sturdy and seems of a good quality. Apart from the weight the looks and designs seem close to LEGO quality.

Still a very nice affordable alternative to LEGO with some nice designs and series. I'd seriously consider going for SLUBAN. Especially for the price which is really good compared to what you get for your money. Quite a few of the designs are military, police, army themed but more child-friendly themes do exist.

There's also a SLUBAN Big Blocks LEGO DUPLO alternative for the very small ones.

The Treasure seeker plane - €3,59
Artikelnummer: M38-B0162

Redcliff Asian Soldier cart - €3,99
Artikelnummer: M38-B0259

Sluban Resque Team Helicopter with 4 figurines - €5,99
Artikelnummer: M38-B0102

So all these toysets for under € 12,00

Score SLUBAN 7-8/10, LEGO 9/10



Sorry for continuously comparing this with LEGO but that is what I was exposed to myself as a kid and as I am looking for stuff to have in the house for my nephews to play with I was pleasantly surprised by this brand.

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The Most Dangerous Toys of All Time

A site called Radar Online has a hilarious, must-see feature up called Pray for Coal: The most dangerous toys of all time. If you're worried about getting your tyke an unsafe toy for Christmas this year, maybe you should consider how safer things have gotten since the days of the "Atomic Energy Lab" (includes radioactive materials) and the "Johnny Reb Cannon." It's a great article with lots of pics and clever writing.

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Coleco Fans Rejoice (Scans of Pre-Colecovision Catalog)

I have to thank our friends at Gamesetwatch for posting about Jason Scott's scans of an amazing pre-Colecovision Product Catalog from Coleco.

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Top-Ten Coolest LEGO Projects

TechEBlog has a post up about the Top 10 Coolest Lego Gadgets, complete with photographs and videos. You won't believe some of the things people are able to do with Legos--a fully functional pinball machine? A Simon Game? Talk about innovation! I have to admit, I have done little more with Legos than build the pre-boxed Star Wars stuff back in the 80s. I had no idea you could do so much more with them! These folks definitely deserve some props for ingenuity. Or perhaps a psychiatrist.

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How to Build the Best Paper Airplane Possible

The Ultimate Paper AirplaneThe Ultimate Paper AirplaneI just saw this site on Digg and thought I'd share it with my friends here at AA. I don't know about you, but I spent an inordinate amount of time as a kid building paper airplanes, always trying to find the right combination of folds, cuts, and creases to make the ultimate paper craft. How about you? However, my finest models didn't look anything like this masterpiece. The site takes you through each step of making your own "DC-3," including instructions on how to fly it once it's complete. There's even a Google Video to help you visualize it. I hope someone here will build this plane and consider filming it for You Tube! (hint hint!)

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