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C-64 Orchestra Releases Trailer

Thanks to Mano for sending us a link to the live trailer for the fabulous Commodore 64 Orchestra (see below!). The idea here is simple--take those great classic tunes from C-64 games and work them up for a "real" orchestra. The Japanese have been doing this for years (decades?) with their NES and SNES tunes, so it's nice to see someone else representing the C-64. This outfit appears to be from the Netherlands (I'm bitterly jealous, Mark!), so if you're in the area check their tour dates.

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The Rise and Fall of Game Audio

Author: Matt Barton
Editing: Bill Loguidice
Artwork: Seb Brassard
Online Layout: Matt Barton
Special Thanks: Jon Appleton, Jan Harries, Rob Hubbard, Rafal Kazimierski, Barry Leitch, George Sanger
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