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OT: The Simpsons in HD

I had recorded this past Sunday's The Simpsons episode on our HD DVR and finally got to watch it with the family last night (I usually watch it without them, as my wife is not a particular fan of it, though she does like King of the Hill, Family Guy and American Dad). I have to say I'm quite impressed by their first ever hi-def episode (and in their 20th year to boot), with the first all new opening (though based on the old one). They actually used the format wisely in the first HD episode by having lots of heavy detail in the background that would only be possible to see/read in hi-def. You could also for the first time see the price on the register in the opening when Maggie gets scanned at the supermarket. It also helped that the episode, though going down well tread territory with yet another flashback and then "what-if?" scenario was a strong one. It makes you think that this move to hi-def will give the series the potential for a mini-revival of sorts, despite remaining consistently popular no matter what it's done before. It certainly freshens up the general experience on this 20 year old show for me. Anyone else happen to catch it and have any thoughts?

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Xbox 360 and the End of HD DVD

I was wondering how current Xbox 360 owners feel about Toshiba's surrender to Blu-Ray in the next-gen DVD standards war. I see that the price of the HD DVD player for the 360 has been slashed, and will not doubt soon be appearing in bargain bins. Do you think this will give the decisive edge to the PS3 in the high-end gamer market?

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Projectors, HD, and a $600 PS3

There's a great deal of cool techie things on the net today, so I'll try to cover as many of them as possible. First off, check out DIY Projetor, which will lead you to a site that explains how to build a home projector for "pennies": Imagine a 120" HDTV screen in your living room. No problem! But wait--what about that HD DVD player? Ewww...icky format war. Don't buy anything until you've read Reasons that HD DVD formats have already failed. The article makes an interesting point about why incompatibility works for game consoles but not DVD formats--and leaves a big question mark in my mind about Sony's committment to Blu-Ray in the PS3.

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Get Dragon's Lair in High Definition!

Dragon's Lair HDDragon's Lair HDFor $60, you can pre-order your copy of the new High-Definition, 5.1 Digital Surround version of Digital Leisure's famous Dragon's Lair game. DL fans rejoice!

  • Relive the arcade experience with this remastered HD adventure.
  • Completely Arcade Authentic
  • Fully interactive gameplay digitally remastered from the original film
  • Restored original soundtrack, for the first time in 5.1 surround sound*
  • Stunning Classic Cel Animation from Don Bluth
  • Three Different Viewing Resolutions
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