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Witch Pricking--The Game?

American history buffs and folks just interested in weirdo history have probably heard of witch prickers. These were basically traveling charlatans who made their living providing "expert testimony" during witch trials (think Salem). The idea was that a real witch had a "devil's spot," or a mark somewhere under the skin that wouldn't hurt if pricked with a needle. Sound dumb? Well, you're talking about people who actually believed in witches. At any rate, now "witch pricking" is making a come-back in the form of a really bizarre Japanese game called DOKIDOKI MAJOSAIBAN (NON-WORK SAFE LINK. In what might sickeningly be called "innovation," you use the Nintendo DS's stylus to "prick" teenage girls to see which ones are witches...!

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Nintendo DS Lite -- As Weak as Miller Lite?

I'm still trying to figure out what the bruhaha is over Nintendo's redesigned DS. So it weighs less and has a brighter screen. Excuse me if I don't break into hysterics. Real men (a) don't need a "lighter" handheld; that's why we have massive bulging muscles, and (b) don't need "brighter" colors. Bright colors are for sissies and pansies. Still, I can't seem to get away from news about launch "partays" today--it's on Kotaku, Max Console, Engadget and Joystiq just for starters. Who needs to pay for publicity when everyone's willing to do it for free? Geez. Well, if you're the type of man who would dress up like Mario or Luigi (or Princess) and stand around for hours to get your "Lite," then you deserve what you get. Funny thing is, though, everyone's so enraptured by the DS Lite blitz that they've managed to let this sneak-peak of the PS3 Startup Screen pass by without comment. I, for one, aren't going to mention the DS Lite at all.

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