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New Armchair Arcade Website Goes Live 10-24-2014 - Update your feeds and pointers!

It’s with great pleasure that I announce the imminent launch of the new Armchair Arcade Website, which will happen automatically on Friday, October 24, 2014. This is our third (and hopefully final) major site redesign since our inception in 2003. While the two previous incarnations of the Armchair Arcade Website (including this one) will still remain accessible, this new site is where all new content will exclusively reside going forward.

While your existing RSS feeds and other pointers will still continue to work, there will be no new content from this site. Luckily, the new Website makes it easy to establish the connections of your choice.

Despite originally planning for a more flashy Website, the whole point of Armchair Arcade was always to make the creation and development of new content easy for the team, with minimal administrative hassle. Unfortunately, the previous sites - including this one - never achieved that goal. After more than a decade, this new site finally does, and, as such, we’ve kept extraneous “flash” to a minimum. Of course, we do plan on adding features over time, but it will never again be at the expense of easily creating new content. Further, it will be far easier for our fans to create a new user account and comment on any of our content, making Armchair Arcade more interactive than ever.

This new site represents a new era for Armchair Arcade and one that I’m proud to be a part of. Hopefully you feel the same. So once again, welcome, and once the new site is live, be sure to subscribe to our updates via the email form on our Website, your RSS reader of choice, or the various social networks where we have a presence. As always, we’ll leave the light on for you.

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GameMID Android Handheld - Update on availability - 6-28-2013

The review video was watched a lot - and I really mean - A LOT. Thanks for that. I got a ton of questions on the device and thanks for all the feedback. A lot of the questions were regarding the availability of the device and things like pricing etc. At the time I created the review no information on this was available yet so I forwarded those questions to the producers of the machine and today they came back with the following information: is the email address that can be used to ask questions regarding the device will be the website containing more information on the device.

Mind you I/We am/are not affiliated with the company making the device, this video is to address the many questions from the viewers and to point them in the right direction.

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Armchair Arcade Enhanced is Now Live!

Unfortunately, I jumped the gun a bit on declaring everything "fine". Oddly enough, at my regular job, it has still not caught up with the changes, so I was working from the old Website and ONLY seeing that when here. I've disabled all the old stuff now so hopefully there will be no more confusion. I also tried to move all of the changes on the other site to this new site, so everything should be caught up now. Hopefully my work location can catch up by Monday, because I can't even check my e-mail there due to the delay. Anyway, below is the message I had put on the old site when I thought it was the new one, hence the confusion... (I'm using LogMeIn Pro right now to access my home PC at work)

Well, following up my now non-existent blog post from yesterday entitled, "Armchair Arcade Deluxe Collector's Edition", it looks like the switchover to our new host went without a hitch. The reason why yesterday's post is non-existent is that the site on the old host was still being updated while the nameserver stuff caught up, but it looks like everything flowed through nicely. So now we have unlimited everything with Hostgator. I was so impressed with the truly seamless switchover (we're talking new site, old site, e-mail addresses, etc.) that I signed us up for their affiliate program, so if you wish to check them out, use the banner below (I'll probably move my personal sites over as soon as they're up for renewal as well). We're going to kick the tires until our monthly renewal next month and if all goes well, we'll sign up long term. We still have the site (no longer updated naturally) at the old host as a backup plan and that will be active - assuming all goes well - until that's up for renewal again, at which time we'll cancel.

So, in simple terms, what does this mean for everyone? Basically that we no longer have to worry about hosting images and files on our Website. We can record podcasts and store the files here, which can automatically be polled by iTunes. We can store large PDFs of manuals and scans. We can incorporate more images. Etc. The sky really is the limit now.

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My video about ZAP! Classic Gaming Newletter

My latest video in support of my friend TER who runs the ZAP online Classic Gaming website and forums and who was the creator of the ZAP! Fanzine back in the early 90's.

Action Button features Intelligent Ultra Negative Reviews

Action Button is a recent video game review blog that reminds one of Howard Beale from the 1976 flick Network-- they're mad as hell and they're not going to take it anymore! The reviews are honest, harsh, and to the point, if a bit full of florid vocabulary.

Their modus operandi, according to their "about" page, is rather lengthy, but it boils down to being rather refreshing-- "We're going to play games for a bare minimum of two hours each and we'll let you know when, where, and why we stop playing; a great game should make us forget our day job."

Let's take a look at a few excerpts from some of Action Button's reviews. One thing I appreciate about them is that they don't give a good review unless they mean it.

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Don't Panic!

Pardon our mess...Pardon our mess...As is no doubt already abundantly clear, Armchair Arcade has received an upgrade. Hopefully this upgrade will address all remaining performance issues from too much site activity. Unfortunately, in the mean-time, it will take us some time to get the looks and menu structure back to more or less what it was. We appreciate your patience and sticking with us through what will hopefully mean a vastly improved experience.


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Get New Armchair Arcade Updates in E-mail!

Great news for those of you who don't use newsreaders/blog aggregators. We have just added the ability, through FeedBlitz, for you to receive all new Armchair Arcade blog posts daily via e-mail. Obviously we greatly encourage you to visit the site as often as possible, but with the ability to sign up for an e-mail with the content as its updated daily, you can make even more efficient use of your time. Look under the Syndication heading on our top left-hand side menu, where you'll see "Get email updates:" and a clickable orange and white icon. The process is direct and simple and you can opt-out at any time. Thanks for supporting us!


Most freeware software can either be great, or horrible. Kenta Cho, the man who runs ABA Games has created many great freeware software. While most of his creations are 2D shmups (and by the way they're all great), his Tempest-inspired Torus Trooper is a must play for all Tempest fans.

Shmup fans would also really want to check out TUMIKI Fighters for its intesting gameplay elements and art style.

ABA Games

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Status on the double login bug

Any progress on the double login bug? It seems to be very specific now. When you go to , it has the login. You login, then it changes to and requires the second login with the same name and password. Perhaps masking the URL would solve this?

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My Latest Status

OK, not to get into it, but I spent the past three days in the hospital with my daughter and wife, so missed valuable "work" time before our vacation, which we leave for on Thursday (the 4th) and return from late Friday (the 12th). I wish to maximize my contribution and time, so if there's anything outstanding that needs doing, please let me know. As for my opinion about anything, unfortunately I just have to say use your best judgement and I'll abide by whatever decisions are made in my absence. I appreciate the thoughts though about my opinion on things, but I don't want to hold anything up.

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