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Video: Star Trek LCARS Interface in the Home

Pretty nifty stuff in the video from this Dutch gentleman, though it's debatable whether LCARS is a particularly efficient real-world interface. I've often wondered what I would do if I could design a home environment from scratch with reasonable resources. Unlike how most home design shows depict, most homes are designed/filled ad-hoc, with no real ability to plan things out in any profound manner outside of a single room or two.

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Thoughts on the new Star Trek movie

I finally got to see the new Star Trek movie last night and thought I'd post a few thoughts on it while it's all fresh in my head. I'm going to assume you're familiar with the Star Trek mythos here.

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New ZX81/Timex Sinclair 1000/1500 game, "Ferengi"

Thanks to Yerzmyey for the heads up on a new ZX81/Timex Sinclair 1000/1500 game, "Ferengi", said to be "a continuation of the classic ZX-81 game 'Klingons'". It looks like the archive contains versions for both unexpanded and expanded systems, with instructions to record to a real tape if you prefer not to play in an emulator. Get the archive file (.rar) here. From the notes:

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Shatner to Voice Kirk in Upcoming Star Trek: Legacy

Here's exciting news for Star Trek TOS fans: Shatner himself will be voicing Kirk in Bethesda's upcoming Star Trek Legacy. Furthermore, he's already out publicizing the game and drumming up enthusiasm for it, mainly because he feels that the Star Trek franchise has dropped to impulse and needs a good game to buck it back up to warp speed. Although Shatner apparently doesn't play videogames (his grandson will teach him, he says), it's nice to see a TV and movie star of his stature really stepping in to the videogame scene. The game itself sounds interesting enough. From what I'm able to gather, it's a massive space strategy game that covers all eras of Trek, starting with TOS and carrying all the way through to Enterprise. There will also be support for Xbox Live, and I assume PC players will be able to join in as well. That's exactly the kind of game that would've had me bouncing off the walls with glee back in 88.

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Get George Lucas and Paramount on the Phone Pronto!

This is not the copyright infringement you're looking for...This is not the copyright infringement you're looking for...That new Trek movie in December 1979 is sure to give us a sales boost!That new Trek movie in December 1979 is sure to give us a sales boost!I received a delightful original copy of the October 1979 edition of SoftSide, "your BASIC software

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