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Installing Android natively on Intel x86 systems? It's possible.

Apple vs AndroidApple vs Android
iOS vs Android?

I simply refuse to choose, I use both. I do use iOS on my iPhone 5s and I am quite happy with that. I own an iPad which I am also quite happy with and a whole plethora of Android devices ranging from a Nexus 7 1st gen tablet to various Gameing tablets like the GameMID from Edo Waisfisz I wrote about earlier. And lately even my old Netbook and a desktop PC have joined the fold and turned into Android devices with help of Android on x86. So while it now is possible to install Android on regular PCs it is not possible to do the same with iOS although its big brother OS X does. It is possible to install OS X on generic PC hardware but that requires a lot of computer knowledge. [Read more]

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