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Power Glove for the Wii!

Do you remember the infamous Power Glove for the NES that was featured in the movie The Wizard? Some clever guy has adapted his old Power Glove to use on on his Wii (yeah, this kind of double-entendre is never going to get old!). See the video below and let us know what you think! Personally, I'm not sure I like the idea of modding a classic piece of gear like this--but it also makes me wonder if the Wii's default controller setup won't soon suffer the fate of the Power Glove...

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The Power Glove Lives!

Author: Matt Barton and David Torre
Editing: Bill Loguidice
Online Layout: Matt Barton and Bill Loguidice

The history of videogame controllers is a pretty dull affair. We truly haven’t come very far since the first videogame controller—a simple device rigged up by the Spacewar! team to spare them elbow pain while playing the first videogame, which ran on a giant mainframe computer. Though many early games used paddles or trackball controllers, the winning majority of pre-NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) games favored joysticks, while the majority of post-NES games favored game pads. Modern joysticks and game pads offer various degrees of analog and digital circuitry with very precise control. Still, one wonders about the future of videogame controllers. Have we reached a plateau, or are more intriguing possibilities on the horizon? What we are concerned with here is a peculiar strain of what seems to be a very promising type of controller: An electronic glove that detects hand movements. Conceivably, such a device would allow players a stunning degree of control over their avatars.

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