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A Fresh Perspective on Old Arcade to Home Translations

Zaxxon for the Apple II: Is it really a bad thing that this version of the game is not arcade perfect?Zaxxon for the Apple II: Is it really a bad thing that this version of the game is not arcade perfect?It used to be that home videogame or computer translations of arcade games were judged on how closely they mimicked the source material. This included how many levels were brought over - memory constraints often meant that one or more stages were left on the cutting room floor (Donkey Kong translations were rarely complete, for instance) - how accurate the graphics and animation were (did Pac-Man look like Pac-Man?), whether or not the sound captured the intended spirit (did Asteroids provide enough of a bass effect?), and how well the controls matched up (like angling the joystick for Q*bert), among many other areas.

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Galaga on Xbox Live Arcade - Impressions

Galaga on Xbox Live Arcade (Xbox 360)Galaga on Xbox Live Arcade (Xbox 360)Well, it was Xbox Live Wednesday again yesterday and that means a fresh arcade download. This time it was Namco's classic, Galaga, now under the Namco Bandai banner.

Unlike many past arcade ports to the Xbox 360 and Xbox Live Arcade, this one is a straight up port - no frills whatsoever. Beyond the standard resolution update to 720p and a concession for screen format - the original was a vertical game and in order to compensate just like with Frogger there's a type of cabinet art on each side - this is a pure emulation. What you got with the arcade game you get here, other than achievment tracking and comparisons via Xbox Live. So, what did I think?

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Big Buck Hunter Pro: That Wild Game Game

The folks over at Retroblast are scratching their heads over a recent MSNBC article concerned with the unexpected rise of Big Buck Hunter Pro in hip NYC bars (among other places). Apparently, the game is set to knock even Golden Tee into the sand trap. What's the appeal? Well, it's obvious--the game combines all of the thrills of hunting while sparing you all the grisly details. Besides that, the psychology of cool requires that you occasionally seek out the "uncool" just to be cool. But seriously, folks...

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GameTap Updated - Classic Gaming Multiplayer and More

GameTap for PCGameTap for PCI keep reporting on these guys like some type of corporate shill, but I think it's hard to argue with the monthly value and the service's focus on classic gaming, now taking small steps towards mulitplayer goodness. Really, when my time permits, I simply must give this a try. I'd like to implement on my regular PC and my arcade machine, so hopefully there's a way without me having to choose one system over another (I'd be using only one at a time and there's no way I'd pay twice).

Anyway, here's the press release:

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Frogger 25th Anniversary from Konami on Xbox Live Arcade - Impressions

An Achievement Symbol from Frogger 25th Anniversary on Xbox Live ArcadeAn Achievement Symbol from Frogger 25th Anniversary on Xbox Live ArcadeWell, as part of Xbox Live Wednesday's, which will see interesting new releases on that weekday for the near future, Microsoft and Konami have released "Frogger 25th Anniversary" to Xbox Live Arcade for the Xbox 360 yesterday. I was looking forward to the enhanced visuals and the new modes, but was ultimately left a bit dissapointed.

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"Out of Control": Chris Kohler's History of Wacky Controllers

Chris Kohler, author of Retrogaming Hacks and PowerUP, has a fantastic feature at 1-UP called Out of Control: The Craziest Game Controllers Ever. This article is definitely a must-visit for all retrogaming fans, particularly those with an interest in novel input devices. Where else are you going to read about Boong-Ga Boong-Ga, the Korean arcade fisting simulator? I thought I had seen some quirky controllers before, but Pom Poms? An accordion? There are also lots of comparisons here between Atari and Nintendo, as well as a look into modern arcades.

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The Worst Coin-Op to Console Converions

IGN has a nice feature up about the worst coin-op conversions, and I bet we've all probably suffered through most of them. Yes, the VCS Pac-Man is on the list, as is Donkey Kong and Dragon's Lair for the SNES. I doubt any kid who received the SNES version of Mortal Kombat was happy on Christmas...One surprising entry is Midway's Greatest Arcade Hits for the GBA.

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Definitive List of Arcade Games that Benefit from a 4-way Joystick

Thanks to the work of some gentlemen here, I was able to compile my own version of games that work best with a 4-way limit joystick under MAME. All-time personal favorites Pooyan (really a 2-way) and Satan's Hollow are of course on there...

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Help Us Select Armchair Arcade's New Logo

[NOTE: This will be updated as new entries are submitted!]
Number 8Number 8Do you have ideas for Armchair Arcade's new logo? Do you know someone who would like to design a logo for us to look at? What follows are some very rough ideas of our own. It would be great if we could all work together to see what we like and dislike about various concepts and ideas. As we get closer to issue 8 and our first print issue, it's important we finalize a really clever logo design. The only requirement is that like the current placeholder logo, it has "Armchair" on top and "Arcade" on the bottom, and we're allowed to use it for any purpose without restriction. Bonus points for "Videogames and Computers" under the logo. Of course it needs to be a high resolution original file, preferably vector, or something we could recreate ourselves if it's not. Bonus points from me if it can somehow relay that we're about both Videogames AND Computers, and bonus, bonus points tying together classic, modern and future. If videogame-like characters could somehow interact with the Logo, even better, though they'd have to be original for us to use them. While we can't give anything away at this time, we'll give full credit for full usage rights and maybe something like a signed copy of our first print issue. Thanks!

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Future of Pinball DVD Update

Revenge from Mars Pinball MachineRevenge from Mars Pinball MachineGreg Maletic has sent the following update regarding the Future of Pinball documentary:

A lot has been going on in the "Future of Pinball" universe, so I thought I'd send out an update...

- First and foremost, creation of the DVD is moving forward. I just returned from Chicago where I recorded a commentary track for the DVD from several of the people who participated in the film: Roger Sharpe, Tom Uban, Cameron Silver, and Duncan Brown. They provide a lot of great insights and I know their commentary track will be an excellent addition to the disc. There are still a few uncertainties left in the schedule, but I'm shooting for a late Summer release to members of the mailing list. I'll be sure to keep you posted!

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