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News & Tidbits: Pinball, D&D

I just wanted to post two things quick that I received via email. The first is The Pinball Blog, which looks pretty interesting (I know you pinball fans will want to check it out). The next is a web show called Gold: The Series, which is about a bunch of tabletop RPG fans preparing for a world championship. It reminded me a bit of MST3000 (the intermission bits) and perhaps a bit of a Kevin Smith film. I liked the dialog at the beginning of the 2nd episode, which is about how D&D fans are suffering from the massive appeal and "convenience" of MMOs. Worth a look, for sure.

Destructoid Interviews Co-Owner of Retro-Arcade Ground Kontrol

Ground Kontrol Bar: The bar Ground Kontrol also features a smattering of retro consoles for sale.Ground Kontrol Bar: The bar Ground Kontrol also features a smattering of retro consoles for sale.

Somewhat goofy gaming blog Destructoid recently featured an article on a great retro-arcade in Portland, Oregon called Ground Kontrol. The interview with Anthony Ramos, the co-owner, is brief, but makes a good point-- is having a retro-arcade/bar combination the best way for the next generation of arcades to live on?

Since I live in Portland, Ground Kontrol is not too far from me. It's a lot of fun and pretty cheap-- I think all the games are either 25 or 50 cents to play. They feature titles as old as Asteroids or Tron and have a 2nd floor full of pinball games ranging from a simplistic Star Trek board from the 70's to a ultra-complicated Lords of the Rings pinball table. Well worth the visit if anyone stops by in Portland.

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Pinball Hall of Fame on Coin-Op TV

Coin-Op TV: Pinball Hall of Fame!Coin-Op TV: Pinball Hall of Fame!Rob Pennyman from Coin-Op TV wrote in to tell us about reaching an incredible milestone--the 50th Episode of Coin-Op TV! If you aren't familiar with Coin-Op TV, I'd suggest you high-tail it to his site to check out what all the hubbub's about. Unlike the typical G4 show, Rob's program focuses on interviews with the hardcore nerds who really know what they're talking about. It's free, so give it a chance--who knows, you might become one of Rob's many retrogaming fans!

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Thoughts on the Digital Game Board

The Philips Entertaible Digital Board Gaming Surface: Photo from PC Magazine onlineThe Philips Entertaible Digital Board Gaming Surface: Photo from PC Magazine onlinePC Magazine, reporting on news from the Internationale Funkausstellung, a consumer electronics show in Berlin, revealed that Philips will show off the Entertaible, a digital board-gaming surface, on Friday.

We've of course recently seen over the past several years the rise of virtual physical games, if you want to call them that, mostly in "arcades" (if even those can be called that anymore). Essentially these games take real world concepts like shuffleboard or bowling, and use partial physical items, like paddles or pucks, that are utilized on a flat, virtual surface, and interact with an impact sensor at the end of the table to make something happen on the video screen, preferably accurately reflecting what would happen if it were an all physical setup. There's also been quite a bit of controversy in the pinball world, where these virtual machines take the form factor of traditional pinball machines, but do the majority of their work via a video screen. This allows for infinitely configurable tables, but is it still really pinball, or more akin to what we play on our computers and videogame systems? In any case, the revolution, if you want to call it that, has been well under way.

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Pinball Warriors vs. Space Invaders

Retroblast has a neat post up about a video called Pinball Warriors vs. Space Invaders. It's an old British animation that pits some city-destroying Space Invaders against a cartoon crowd of pinball heroes. I'm getting this must have been very early 80s (if not late 70s).

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Future of Pinball DVD Update

Revenge from Mars Pinball MachineRevenge from Mars Pinball MachineGreg Maletic has sent the following update regarding the Future of Pinball documentary:

A lot has been going on in the "Future of Pinball" universe, so I thought I'd send out an update...

- First and foremost, creation of the DVD is moving forward. I just returned from Chicago where I recorded a commentary track for the DVD from several of the people who participated in the film: Roger Sharpe, Tom Uban, Cameron Silver, and Duncan Brown. They provide a lot of great insights and I know their commentary track will be an excellent addition to the disc. There are still a few uncertainties left in the schedule, but I'm shooting for a late Summer release to members of the mailing list. I'll be sure to keep you posted!

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